Why Are Gold and Silver Custom Jewelry in Bangkok Highly Recommended?

What is your style? Elegant? Sassy? or basic? Custom jewels are solely created for the individual who wears them. Hence, it helps express your style and uniqueness.


They can also be a memorable gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Custom jewels are a great gift that can be treasured for years. It also greatly increases the sentimental value in a relationship.


But buying it from the right place makes a huge difference. You can get your jewels customized at great prices without compromising the quality.


You must have heard people say Thailand is one of the best places to buy custom-designed jewels. Yes, it is true. But do you know why? Right from gemstone heating, polishing, and casting to quality control and sales in the international market, Thailand has been evolving in each industry related to gem and jewelry. Are you new to the jewelry trade of Thailand? In this article, we will discuss why people often opt for gems and jewelry in Bangkok.


Here are some facts that you need to know about custom jewels in Thailand.


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How to Buy Custom Jewels in Thailand?


• If a client is willing to buy custom jewels in Thailand, he/she may submit a blueprint or a drawn picture of the jewels that are to be customized.

• Have a clear explanation about the specifications, size, and quality of the gem.

• The price of the order depends on the quality of the gem and the amount of work involved. Sometimes, if it is a higher quantity order, you may get discounts.

• Once you are done with your discussions, the dealer would make a prototype of the jewelry and submit it to the client for approval.

• The client must examine the sample and inform about the changes to be made.

• The designers make all the necessary changes and are involved in the process of casting and molding.

• As a finishing touch, the ordered item is polished and neatly plated.

• Later, it is sent to the stone setting department. The gems are fixed as per the customer’s requirement. The workers make sure there is no way for loose stones; They are well-matched making sure the setting is not sloppy.

• It passes through several checkpoints and inspections.

• In the end, it is safely boxed and packed, and sent to the customers.

• If it involves exporting to other countries, the dealers must be ready with the necessary papers.

• The ordered items might reach the local clients in a few days. But the exporting items might take a week or so to reach the clients. The usual delay in problems might also involve logistical troubles.


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Is It Safe to Buy from Thailand?


Yes, it is completely safe to buy custom jewels from Thailand but you need to choose the right place. If you are well aware of the jewelry industry in Bangkok, it may help you. If not, you may get scammed easily.


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How to Buy Custom Jewelry without Getting Scammed?


Before you buy any jewelry in Bangkok, be aware of the scams. Especially, if you are new to the place or the concept of jewelry, the chances are higher for you to get cheated. When you are on a trip to Bangkok and tend to purchase some jewelry, here are a few things to note:


Make sure to gather as much information as possible about the store before buying. Buy only when you conclude that the store is authentic.


Purchase from reputed stores. They may not take the risk of cheating their customers.


Make sure the store has a certificate by the “Jewel Fest Club.” It was created by the Thai gem & jewelry traders assn, the Thai police, and the government. These jewelry shops must adhere to its standards and policies. Hence, your jewels must be in safe hands.


Get a certificate of authenticity from the store you buy. But you may also get a fake certificate, so you need to be aware.


Make sure the gems are ISO recognized.


Look for a stamp on the receipt that explains approval by a registered gemologist.


If you find no stamps on the receipt, have the dealers sign on it.


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Why Buy Jewels from Thailand?


• Thailand is one of the world’s prominent places to buy gems and jewelry.

• Thailand is known for its rich history of natural resources like ruby and sapphire.

• The fine craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation hence, you can get well-crafted jewels.

• Over the years, Thailand has evolved in jewelry designing skills with new testing facilities.

• You can get your jewelry customized at much lower prices compared to other countries.

• Your jewels are beautifully made according to your preferences.

• The jewels you buy from Thailand are usually of high quality.

• Buying jewelry in Thailand is highly recommended because the labor charges are lower compared to anywhere else.

• It is the largest exporter of Silver in the world, hence you can also find eye-catching silver jewels here.

•You can even explore difficult-to-find gems and jewels in Thailand.


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What Else to Know about Jewelry of Thailand?


• Thailand is known for the export of gems and jewelry across the world.

• Twice a year, in February and September, international traders and buyers gather at the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair(BGJF).

• Thailand is the most recognized manufacturing base for fine gemstones and jewelry in the world.

• Thailand has one of the world’s leading gemological laboratories called the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand(GIT). It also offers educational courses, marketing and gemstone conferences, and other jewelry-related services.

• People also visit Thailand for the stunning rubies and sapphires.

•It is a global gemstone hub for importing raw materials.

• The President of the Gems, Jewelry, and Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand(GJPCT) marked Thailand to be the top 10 exporters of gems and jewelry products in the world.


Where to Buy Custom Jewels in Thailand?


Thailand is full of jewelry factories and manufacturers. Places like shopping malls, airports, street vendors, and markets here will sell low/medium quality custom jewels. Here is our list of the best places to buy them.


• Areas near Chao Phraya River in downtown Bangkok.

• Gems Gallery in Chiang Mai, the world’s largest gems factory.

• Nearby stores in the Chiang Mai area.

• Silom/Mahesak Road.

• MBK shopping plaza in Bangkok.

• Chatuchak weekend market.

• Wang Lang Market.

• Chinatown.


Many places listed above sell jewels very close to the actual value. Only a little amount is charged for the workmanship. However, a bit of a bargain may also help you. Many jewelry shops also offer better deals occasionally.


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