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Safasilver.co.ltd One of the best & genuine silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. From the decade named as the excellent wholesale silver jewelry stores in Thailand. The artistry’s concept of handmade silver jewelry makes it precious jewelry.

We offer you fascinating jewelry at an affordable price. We have an artistry team of designers and product developers with a great sense of the latest trends predictions. We deliver the designs to our customers before the designs reach the market.

We customize silver jewelry as per the customer's desire, Designers are professionally trained, and our customer supports are very friendly. We used to listen to customer's choice and how the customer wants it.

Our customer supports are well knowledgeable and trained in the silver jewelry industry. We don’t let our customers compromise; we always give the best for customer satisfaction till now. We have a lot of happy customers and still counting.

Day by day, we experience the market and predict new designs. Every day our professionally trained designers make new designs. They get tested by the professionals with quality and density checkups and comfort tests, and then we release them to the market.

We have a large number of surrogate designs in our collections and innovating by the day. Our main courses of silver jewelry are Silver Nose Jewelry, Gold Nose Studs, Silver Earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings, Silver Stud Earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings, Silver Ear Cuffs, Silver Ear Liner, and Specialized Silver Kids Jewelry,

Safasilver manufactures silver jewelry for all age categories, children to adults. In silver jewelry, quality & density are the most important things to determine. We always provide 925 sterling silver which is 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of another metal alloy.

Reasons to purchase from Safasilver.com


Quality Matters: Safasilver.com makes Each piece of jewelry from genuine 925 sterling silver or 14K Gold. The small jewel or a big one, we give the best quality. The entity always wants to provide you with the best quality for now & the future.

9K Gold Jewelry: We guarantee to make gold nose studs using the original 14K Gold. We have certified the production of real gold at an affordable price with long resistance.

Allergies with Ornaments: Safasilveruses high-quality metal alloy, the metal alloy known as a metal mixture, and it's allergy-free and safe.

Quality Check: All the items undergo quality checkups for damage and comfort. After the quality checkup is complete, we will ship it to our customers. Enjoy hassle-free shopping from safasilver.com

Trusted Services: Our strength is reliability. We always listen to customer needs and deliver you satisfaction. Safasilver has an excellent customer care team, and they are professionally trained in customer handling and resolving queries. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed in our services.

Affordable & Attainable Price: How can you give affordable prices from the market price? We have our silver jewelry factory, one of the best silver jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. We used to give the best quality at an affordable price with Original 925 silver. We have a minimum order of $100 and free shipping above $300 with no minimum product quantity.

Silver Jewelry Collections: silver jewelry like Genuine Crystal Jewelry, Nose Jewelry, Gold Nose Studs, Silver Earrings, Hook Earrings, Earring studs, Hoop Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Ear Liner, Specialized Kids Jewelry, Jewelry sets, pendants, Necklace, Bracelets, Rings, Toe Rings, and Beads & Silver Charms.

Benefits for Customer: Handmade jewelry sells for factory price directly to the consumer without any third-parties margins. One of the best and trusted Wholesale Silver Jewelry shipped to your concern with a hassle-free experience in your hometown.

We serve our customers with the FIFO( First In, First Out) method of instant payment, ready for dispatch. For new customers who need to check the quality can place a minimum order of $100. We have a similar experience with many customers. We have gained trust with regular orders.

Why Safasilver.com?


Our responsibilities are to check the quality of each & every piece of jewelry by professionals. We can proudly say that our services are global level. Our Allergy-free silver jewelry is safe for human skin, children to adults.

We use original gemstones, semi-precious gems, cubic zirconia stones, authentic Preciosa crystal, Genuine crystal, and pearls. Pure raw materials such as 925 Sterling Silver & Gold to make high-quality jewelry.

Promises: We support all customers, whether they are undersized or oversized. We promise to give our essential services to you. We assure you what you have ordered like the same you’ll get in the shipping without any shortage. we offer a minimum order of $ 99 and free shipping worldwide above $300. 24/7 Customer Care Services, you can write or call us with instant response.

How can I Order?


Select the silver jewelry designs you like for your customers, add them to the shopping cart. After adding the items, you can view items in your cart. The minimum order value is $99. Click the place the order button, fill in the shipping details to proceed with checkout.

Payment options PayPal, PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, etc. If either or places an order without payment, our sales team will contact you ASAP. Our team will help lead your order in a desirable way of payment option. 

Get in Touch


Feel free to contact us if our sales team will assist you as soon as possible.

email at sales@safasilver.com,

calls us +66 2233 4770.”

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