About us

About Us


One of the best & genuine silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. From the decade named as the excellent wholesale silver jewelry stores in Thailand. The artistry’s concept of handmade silver jewelry makes it precious jewelry.

about us

We offer you fascinating jewelry at an affordable price. We have an artistry team of designers and product developers with a great sense of the latest trends predictions.

We deliver the designs to our customers before the designs reach the market.

We customize silver jewelry as per the customer's desire, Designers are professionally trained,and our customer supports are very friendly. We used to listen to customer's choice and how the customer wants it.

Our customer supports are well knowledgeable and trained in the silver jewelry industry. We don’t let our customers compromise; we always give the best for customer satisfaction till now. We have a lot of happy customers and still counting..

Day by day, we experience the market and predict new designs. Every day our professionallytrained designers make new designs. They get tested by the professionals with quality and density checkups and comfort tests, and then we release them to the market.

about us
about us

We have a large number of surrogate designs in our collections and innovatingby the day. Our main coursesof silver jewelry are Silver Nose Jewelry,Gold NoseStuds, Silver Earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings, Silver Stud Earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings, Silver Ear Cuffs, Silver Ear Liner, and Specialized SilverKids Jewelry,

Safasilver manufactures silver jewelry for all age categories, children to adults. In silver jewelry, quality & density are the most important things to determine. We always provide 925 sterling silver which is92.5% of silver and 7.5% of another metal alloy.



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