Where Can I Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry?

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What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

How Can I Find Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Can I Wear it Every Day?

What Is the Difference between Silver and 925 Sterling Silver?

What are its Benefits?

Where Can I Purchase Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry?

We all must have heard of sterling silver jewelry in recent times. But do you know what exactly it means, the difference between original silver & sterling silver, and where you can buy good quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry with volume discounts? In this article, we will help you find them out!

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What Is 925 Sterling Silver?


In simple words, Sterling silver, an alloy  = 92.5% of pure silver + 7.5% of other metals.


Many people do not understand the difference between silver, sterling silver, and silver-plated jewelry. All these are different from one another and make so much difference in value, quality, and cost. Suppose you are about to start a jewelry business and planning to purchase jewelry wholesale. We are here to guide you!


How Can I Find Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Usually, when you find 925 marked, it is considered to be sterling silver. As regulated by the United States Code, all sterling silver adornments must have a 925 stamp on them. This mark can be primarily found somewhere found inside the jewelry, under the clasp and edges. Hence, before buying any accessories, check for the stamp first.

Can I Wear it Every Day?

Yes, you can go for it. Just like pure silver, you can also use these ornaments for everyday purposes. It is specially made for everyday use because frequent uses will also prevent it from tarnishing.


Listing some of the occasions on which you can flaunt your sterling silver adornments,


     • Birthday

     • Bridal Shower

     • Engagement

     • Housewarming

     • Wedding

     • Prom

     • Baptism

     • Anniversary

     • Bachelor Party

     • Retirement


Listing some of the sterling silver jewelry designs styles,


     • Pendants

     • Earrings

     • Rings

     • Chains

     • Bracelets

     • Necklaces

     • Bangles


There are so many sterling silver jewelry styles that come with cubic zirconia. These look stunning in real life and give an absolutely posh and royal look. The best part is you can get these cubic zirconia sterling silver jewels at affordable prices.


What Is the Difference between Silver and 925 Sterling Silver?


Many people still do not know the difference between silver and sterling silver. They might be similar in looks, but they are not the same. Let’s understand the difference.



Sterling Silver

Soft and difficult to shape.

Firm and easy to shape.

It has a stamp marked with “99.9%” or “999” as it contains 99.9% elemental silver and 0.01% other elements.

It has a stamp marked with “92.5%” or “925” as it contains only 92.5% of pure silver and the rest 7.5% is other elements such as copper or zinc.

It Does not tarnish easily.

It is more prone to tarnishing because of other metals present in it such as copper, zinc, and nickel.


What Are its Benefits?


     • It has added benefits compared to pure silver ornaments as it is more durable. You can use these for daily use as it is hard to get them damaged or dented easily.


     • It has become a popular trend among jewelry collectors to include sterling silver in their wardrobes.


     • This timeless metal can last a lifetime and might even be passed on to future generations when you take care of them properly. Make sure you are not using harsh cleansers while cleaning your silver adornments. Clean your sterling silver with anti-tarnish cloth and always store them in a dark place to avoid exposure to water and air. This way, you can make your jewelry last longer.


     • The warm color of the jewelry almost suits any skin type or outfit.


     • They can make you look classy, elegant, and attractive.


     • These adornments are trending now. Many celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas are flaunting it now.


     • Sterling silver jewelry is on a whole new level now. They are available in a variety of styles because of the growing trend.


     • The most exciting part about wearing them is that they can go with western as well as traditional outfits. Hence, it is a must-have in your wardrobe.


     • Another great benefit of why people choose these ornaments is that they are super affordable. You need to be aware of low-quality jewelry. But finding the right place will help you to explore and buy a stunning collection of sterling silver blings at lower prices.


     • Do not assume the jewelry sold as “silver-plated” as “silver.” If a piece of jewelry is made of other metals but is coated with a thin layer of silver, it is called silver-plated jewelry. The trick involves buying jewelry from the right place.


If you are planning to buy high-quality jewelry wholesale, Safasilver is the best place. We are known for offering the best silver jewelry collection.


Where Can I Purchase Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry?

It is believed that its usage was first started in the area around northern Germany. However, currently many different countries sell wholesale silver accessories. Check out our list for more details.


For wholesale buyers, Thailand is the best friend. Many people opt to purchase from Thailand because of its skilled artisans. The jewelry industry of Thailand is considered essential and unique as it contributes more to the country’s economy.


For almost three decades, Thailand has been known for supplying 925 silver ornaments.


The country is full of local manufacturers who also import silver, sterling silver, gold jewelry, and expensive gems across the globe. These ornaments from Thailand are always in high demand because of their outstanding quality and low price.


Places to Buy in Thailand


     • Areas near Chiang Mai

     • MBK shopping plaza

     • Gems Gallery

     • Areas near Chao Phraya River

     • Silom/Mahesak Road

     • Chatuchak market

     • Chinatown

     • Wang Lang market


Safasilver is one of the leading wholesale silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. Purchase from us we offer the best prices in the markets.



You can find the most intricate pieces of silver adornments in Indonesia. Bali is not only the perfect place to spend your vacation, but you can also get excellent quality silver at lower prices. The best part about purchasing from Bali is that you will get to explore unique pieces of accessories!

Places to Buy in Bali


     • Areas near Sanar

     • Areas near Ubud

     • Places near Celuk

     • Jalan Legian

     • Nearby areas of Denpasar


Are you in search of unique adornments? Explore Safasilver’s collection now. We are one of the reputed silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. Our team of professional designers makes sure to keep up with the trend and produce exclusive sterling silver design styles. Explore now!



India is the best place to purchase 925 silver ornaments because you will find classic and unique jewelry pieces here. Right from nose rings to anklets, you can find exciting styles of jewelry here.

Places to Buy in India


     • Rajasthan

     • Jaipur

     • Gujarat

     • Mumbai

     • Delhi

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China has become a key manufacturer and exporter of silver ornaments. People in China follow the tradition of gifting each other with gold or silver. Over the decades, the practice helped China become a key manufacturer and exporter of gold, silver, and sterling silver bling. China is known for skilled craftsmanship, so that you will explore several styles and designs.

Places to Buy in China


     • Places near Qingdao

     • Nearby areas of Yiwu

     • Areas near Guangzhou

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