Understanding Nose Stud types

Nose studs comes in different designs and patterns, now are going to classify Nose studs based on the ends, Why ends, because the same crystal Top nose studs comes with, Straight end, Ball end, L bent end, Screw ends and Fish Tail. So it will be better understood if we classify with end.


Type of Nose studs based on Ends

1)      Straight End

2)      Ball End

3)      L Bent

4)     Screw End

5)     Fish tail


1) Straight End

Straight End Nose Studs

Straight End nose studs or nose pins comes with minimum 10 mm length post of Thickness 0.5 mm (24 Gauge). This type of nose studs can be easily inserted into the nose piercing, here comes the problem how to prevent it from falling down? The answer is these types of straight end post nose studs are bent by the piercer themselves after inserting the nose stud to prevent it from falling. Very easy to wear right, But the problem is the piercing hole becomes smaller to the thickness of the post.


2) Ball End

Ball End nose Studs

Very common and easy to wear, as the name indicates the nose stud post has ball at the end, the ball is slightly bigger than the post thickness, the post thickness used is 0.6 mm ( 22 G ), and post length 6 mm, the nose studs are inserted into the piercing, the ball end prevents the nose studs from falling down.


3) L bent

L Shape Nose Studs

L bent nose studs, has L shaped post with post thickness 0.6 mm ( 22G ), the bent is around 90 degrees, post length of 6 mm, tail of 5 mm as shown in the figure, These nose studs are made bent already and inserted into the piercing, the bent stays with the upper side inner nose, You don’t have to be nervous of how to bent the nose studs, however the size and gauge should be take into consideration before the purchase of L bent nose studs as the looser ones will fall of easily and feel uncomfortable.


4) Screw End

Silver Nose Screw

When we speak about Screw End, we can say Indian nose Screw originated from India, The Best choice, if you have fear of losing the nose studs, the Indian Nose Screw or Screw end looks similar to the L bent however, The Tail is Curved shaped like a screw as shown in the figure, Screw End requires little expertise to wear and remove as the screw end should be removed carefully to avoiding the damage to the nose.


5) Fish tail

Fish Tail Nose Studs

Fish tail are similar to the Straight end, except the length of the post is more like 16 mm, The lengthy post is meant to make the custom nose studs, according to your comfort by visiting a professional piercer.



Hope now you understand about the types of nose studs and ends, Choose the Nose studs according to your nose piercing and comfort.