Pearl Nose Studs

Wholesale Pearl Nose Rings | Pearl Nose Studs presents a curated collection of handmade 925 sterling silver pearl nose rings in nose jewelry. Each nose ring carries premium pearls as the centerpiece and imparts a fascinating glaze to the nose piercer. The pearl used carries a white to an off-white hue complementary to both warm and cool skin tones.

The rounded pearls come in diameters of 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3 mm. Each design is available in both the ball end (for healed piercing) and the straight end (for fresh piercing). These lightweight tiny nose studs are only 1 gm or less in weight.

The nose piercing stud is either wholly made of a single pearl or has additional intricate detailing. Such designs include the dolphin pearl nose rings and the flower pearl nose studs.

Buy Bulk collections of pearl nose rings from the trusted Thailand supplier, Starting price 3.89$ per box. Each box contains 20 pieces—minimum Order from $ 99. Additionally, there is no extra shipping charge for orders above $299 anywhere across the globe.