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Safasilver is the best wholesale supplier of 925 sterling silver pendants. We sell to wholesalers and resellers only. Buy unique collections for your customers. You can place wholesale orders directly on our website. Minimum order value $99.

 What is a pendant? A pendant is an ornament dangled down on another piece of jewelry, such as silver chains, neck chains, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, or earrings hoops. A silver charm pendant can come in various shapes and designs, such as amulets, lockets, medallions, talismans, or fashion pendants.

Pendant Origin: Like other jewelry, we can find pendants in pre-historic stone ages, where objects such as teeth, shells, stones, nails, bones, wood pieces are attached to the ear and neckpieces. Today this has evolved into exquisite pendant designs made of various materials, like a gemstone and precious metals.

Why silver pendants? Our most sought-after pendant collections are the ones made out of 925 sterling silver. Not only are the silver pendants durable, but they are also hypoallergic. 925 sterling Silver pendants wholesale are cheap and affordable compare to their counterpart gold pendants. Pendants are accessories that can exude so much grace and elegance, despite their small size. Find silver pendants that match your style, color choices, and design aesthetics at an affordable price, making it a perfect gift item.

Inspiration for pendant designs: We design and shape our charming pendants based on Nature, Cartoons, Symbols & letters, and feelings. 1) from nature, such as butterfly, fishbone designs, animals, florals, tree of life, moon, feathers, and inverted tulip designs. 2)From cartoons like unicorns, angels, and comics. From symbols and letters like a Celtic triangle, pyramid, cross, chakras, alphabets, and zodiac signs. 3)From Feelings like love, heart, peace, confidence, etc.

Materials: All the materials used in the making process are of high quality. 1) The main precious metal used is 925 sterling silver. 2) Crystals include Preciosa crystal, cubic zirconia, marcasite, and crystal from Swarovski. 3) Gemstones have Synthetic opal, mother of pearl, freshwater pearl, shiva eye shell, and semiprecious stones.

Pendant collections: we offer an exquisite collection of 925 sterling silver pendants that are eye-catchy yet elegant at the same time. Plain silver pendantsCZ pendantscrystal pendantsshiva eye pendantsmarcasite pendantssemi-precious pendants are available at wholesale price. The wholesale sterling silver pendant at comes in several finishes, such as gold plating, silver finish, rhodium plating, and oxidized silver.

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