Plain Nose Stud

Plain Silver Nose Stud, Wholesale Sterling Silver Nose Rings

We offer a premium collection of plain nose studs made of high-quality sterling silver, with prices as low as under a dollar to $15 for premium designs. Sterling silver nose studs designs are graceful, elegant, perfect for daily wear, and are work-appropriate.

The plain nose stud designs range from simple geometries to intricate motifs. Some of the most sought-out plain nose studs with simple geometries include solid ball nose studs in sizes 1 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2 mm, available in gold plated, rose-gold, and silver finishes.

Some examples of our ornate motif designs in nose piercing nose studs include silver flower nose stud, silver seashell nose stud, silver flower bud nose stud, and silver dolphin nose stud. We also offer a handmade collection, laser-cut designs (such as heart and star designs), and diamond dust cut designs (floral, star, heart shapes are examples).

Handmade designs include silver butterfly knots, silver Celtic knots, silver spiral, and silver infinity designs. Additionally, our ‘tiny’ collection in silver nose jewelry studs is also extremely popular with trendy designs such as the lightning, cross, half-moon, star, heart shapes. Plain silver nose studs at are extremely affordable.

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