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Wholesale Silver Jewelry

From the decade Safasilver manufacturing and wholesaling the 925 silver jewelry worldwide in industry of 925 jewelry. Our team is professionalized in making of high quality jewelry, you can have in our offline store in Thailand or in our Online store www.safasilver.com . We are 925 sterling silver wholesalers that you can grow your business with our excellent 925 sterling silver jewelry deals. And also, we have cheap 925 sterling silver rings in our wholesale 925 silver jewelry, Consumer needs are fulfilled with our collections of 925 silver jewelry.  The wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry collections as per customer needs Bali hoop earrings, rose gold plated sterling silver, bulk charms, wholesale child jewelry, 925 silver necklace etc. these are stylish and affordable.


We have lot of wholesale customers have been delivering our products as per their orders without fail. Safasilver packing team are very intelligent and experienced, when the package is ready it gets to recheck for twice or thrice that consumer shouldn’t frustrate by absence of products. The best Wholesaler and Manufacturer for 925 sterling silver jewelry, our website is made specially for the bulk silver jewelry customers. Safasilver always listen to each and every customer feedback that we can improve the services of our website, Safasilver has new segment for customize consumers who wants to make a customize jewelry is known as “Made to Order”. Innovation of new collection in silver earrings, silver stud earrings, silver hoop earrings, silver climber, silver kids earrings, silver rings, silver bracelets, silver necklace, etc. We have huge range of 925 wholesale jewelry stock, some of our new products are plated such as gold plated, rose gold plated & Rhodium plated. Our plated jewelry is non-tarnishing and it take years to lose its lustering, it’s better to handle with care and gentle use it leads to longevity of lustering. Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver jewelry are more durable then gold plated jewelry & rose gold plated jewelry, plating jewelry can be longevity by the soft handing. Remove the 925 jewelry while washing utensils, keep it on dry place while taking a bath, avoid from swimming pool because chlorine easily tarnishes the plating. We manufacture Nickel Free Jewelry most of silver manufacturers combine with nickel and other alloy metals but safasilver make 925 silver jewelry by nickel free. Safasilver manufactures 925 jewelry for all age category like children to adult with latest trend in market, why 925 silver jewelry is specifically “925”? Silver is basically very soft metal that can easily bend, to increase the strength of the silver it has to be mixed with metal alloy. The mixture of alloy is 7.5% and rest of 92.5 of pure silver is known as 925 silver.


Designer silver jewelry are the most popular in this modern world, its more popular than gold jewelry because fluctuation of gold price it may get higher or lower but gold price wasn’t stable. Basically, jewelry designers prefer silver jewelry for designing, it is different market segment and affordable in ornaments & adornments. This will reach to low-income people can afford easily cause of under their budget, in this jewelry fashion industry 925 silver jewelry has unique integration and also its demands are very high in market. In wholesale silver jewelry industry to enhance the latest design with trendy concept has taken silver jewelry industry into next level, 925 jewelry are mostly loved by women’s. You can gift silver jewelry on occasions, Specifically Silver Rings are most precious ornaments for women’s like engagements, wedding anniversary & Valentine’s day gift. Fashionable people certainly love handmade jewelry, you can order customize jewelry as per your desire and the style which you choose. Each piece of silver is carefully carved by the craftspeople. Silver with benefits, a metal which has used across centuries that silver has proven that the fighting agent of infection and aiding flu & cold. It also helps for heat circulation & regulation. Silver is one of the best metals to wear in everyday bases. The consumer should know about Silver alloy because silver is usually used as metal mixture two or more elements in the ratio of periodic table. The metal will have a 925 mark that represents original 925 silver jewelry, it’s a quick way to identify the real ornaments.


Jewelry Manufacture

Jewelry we make in 925 sterling silver original design, such as process of molding, stamping, casting with some similar techniques. Safasilver is best silver jewelry because of Each and every design is contemplated, there are many facets of mindfulness in sterling silver manufacturers. The artist makes a scale of a jewelry e.g., nose jewelry, nose ring, septum ring, gold nose stud, silver nose stud, nose piercing stud, the scale which expose the model of a jewelry and start carving with the special tools. The artist is professionally trained and skilled very much desired to making new model of jewelry, after making of jewelry there are some process like prepare of polish, rounding the metal, straightening the metal parts, sizing the rings. The soldering takes a main part of this process.



Safasilver named as Best Silver Jewelry by its unique craft work, entity always appreciate the craft team by their work and excellence of idea’s. Carving is most beautiful process its not about the metal, its beyond the love of art. Making with idea’s and durability with coating or plating that determines the quality, the creativity of new designs we bring into the reality such as Silver Nose Jewelry, not in particular segment we are expert in all kind of jewelry craft work.


Exclusive Silver Kids Jewelry

We manufacture kid’s jewelry as per the kid’s lovable characters, Such as animals, birds, fishes, fruits, trees, plants, Christmas collections, Bugs & Butterflies, penguins etc. In children’s jewelry the colors are the main course of attraction and desire of children’s to wear it, children’s earrings or little girl earrings are adorable in petite size specially made.