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Shop from a leading wholesale marcasite stud earrings supplier, Explore and buy our stunning marcasite earrings at wholesale prices now.

Marcasite jewelry pieces have been popular since ancient times. During the Incas civilization, it was widely known as “the gemstone of the Incas.” Marcasite jewelry pieces were popular during the 18th and 19th centuries after Queen Victoria wore them as a substitute for diamond jewelry. 

Marcasite jewelry pieces are made from pyrite(a brassy metallic stone). Many people opted for the Marcasite jewelry because it was available at a budget-friendly cost. Individuals who cannot afford diamonds bought these attractive marcasite jewelry pieces.

Safasilver’s Popular Marcasite Stud Earrings Collection

These marcasite stud earrings are ideal for vintage jewelry lovers. Safasilver offers various styles of antique jewelry pieces that feature marcasite. Here is a list of some of our best-seller Marcasite stud earrings!

1. Turquoise ear studs

2. Dolphin earring studs

3. Elephant stud earrings

4. Swan design earring studs

5. Star design ear studs

Safasilver is a place where you can find genuine 925 sterling silver marcasite ear studs. We are a reputed jewelry manufacturer in Thailand who offers the best prices in the market. Our buyers might not worry about the shipping charges as we offer free shipping on orders above $299. Explore now and order your favorites.

Wholesale Marcasite Stud Earrings

As a retailer, adding these classic marcasite jewelry pieces will create more value to your jewelry collection. Safasilver provides a variety of marcasite stud earrings at wholesale prices. You can find these unique and high-quality marcasite ear studs at our site at affordable prices comparatively.

One of the fantastic advantages of buying wholesale marcasite stud earrings is the ability to acquire a wide range of products under one roof. When you purchase from a wholesaler, you need not spend your precious time and energy looking to stock up on a selection of marcasite stud earrings at lower prices.


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