Frequently Asked Questions

What is 925 Sterling Silver ?

925 Sterling Silver is the Mixture of 92.5 % of pure silver with 7.5 % of Alloy. For example : 100 Grams of Silver jewelry upon testing must contain not less than 92.5 grams of Silver.

Does 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Become Black ?

Naturally Silver reacts with Atmospheric Oxygen to form Blackish color. So Naturally silver turns Black with exposure to Air.

How to Prevent Silver Jewelry to Become Black ?

Silver jewelry are to be Stored in Air Tight Bags or Box to prevent the from turning black.

What Happens When i wear Silver Jewelry, Does it Become Black ?

After you wear for a long days, the Jewelry is Soaked with Body Sweat and dirt, It is advised to Clean Regular after Every wear. So that Silver will retain Its Shinning without Diminishing

Any Methods for Preventing Tarnishing Of silver ?

Yes we do have Anti Tarnish Methods like E - Coating, Rhodium Plating, Dipping in Anti-Tarnish Liquid.

What is Oxidized Silver ?

Oxidized Silver the Process of Purposefully turning the Shiny 925 Sterling Silver into Black Antique Jewelry. Chemicals Like Sulfur reacts with Silver Jewelry and Fastens the Tarnishing Process to give the Blackish Look.

What is Cubic Zirconia ?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a man made crystal which simulates Diamond, Hence it get the name simulated diamond Or Fake Diamond. Due to its Properties Similar to Diamond, The Usage of the CZ in Jewelry gained Popularity over the Years for the Quality and Cheap Price.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry ?

- POLISH CLOTHES from Local Jewelry Accessories Shop to clean the tarnish Look of your Jewelry and Give Back Its Shining

- SILVER CARE POLISH for cleaning the silver jewelry

- You can to polish the silver jewelry with Professionals