Frequently Asked Questions

925 Sterling Silver is the Mixture of 92.5 % of pure silver with 7.5 % of Alloy. For example : 100 Grams of Silver jewelry upon testing must contain not less than 92.5 grams of Silver.

Naturally Silver reacts with Atmospheric Oxygen to form Blackish color. So Naturally silver turns Black with exposure to Air.

Silver jewelry are to be Stored in Air Tight Bags or Box to prevent the from turning black.

After you wear for a long days, the Jewelry is Soaked with Body Sweat and dirt, It is advised to Clean Regular after Every wear. So that Silver will retain Its Shinning without Diminishing

Yes we do have Anti Tarnish Methods like E - Coating, Rhodium Plating, Dipping in Anti-Tarnish Liquid.

Oxidized Silver the Process of Purposefully turning the Shiny 925 Sterling Silver into Black Antique Jewelry. Chemicals Like Sulfur reacts with Silver Jewelry and Fastens the Tarnishing Process to give the Blackish Look.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a man made crystal which simulates Diamond, Hence it get the name simulated diamond Or Fake Diamond. Due to its Properties Similar to Diamond, The Usage of the CZ in Jewelry gained Popularity over the Years for the Quality and Cheap Price.

POLISH CLOTHES from Local Jewelry Accessories Shop to clean the tarnish Look of your Jewelry and Give Back Its Shining SILVER CARE POLISH for cleaning the silver jewelry. You can to polish the silver jewelry with Professionals

Ordering on is an Easy & Safe process. Once you have choosen a couple of products click "Add to Cart" and add one by one to your cart. There is an "Cart" icon at the top right corner click the cart icon and select view cart option, you will see the selected products with product details and quantity details. After Confirming the product and quantity details Click Proceed to Checkout (or) PAYPAL fill the shipping address and place the order . Custom Orders Please contact us through Email : [email protected] or Wats app +6 6628264784.

if you are Facing issues while making a payment via Paypal. Please use "Place an Order" option. In View shopping Cart you will Find Proceed to Checkout & PayPal options. Please Select the Proceed to checkout option fill the shipping address informations etc. In Payments you will find two options 1. Make a Payment , 2. Place an Order. Just click at "Place an Order" Our sales team will contact you. Please provide the correct email and contact number so that our sales team will contact you and assist you in making the payment for you order.

Safasilver accept payment through PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER, WESTERN UNION, (Via PAYPAL) CREDIT & DEBIT CARD, Visa , Amex , Mastercard & Discover. For information on alternative payment methods kindly call our Customer Care - +6 685 155 4943. currently registered to collect the tax as per the government rules. Sales tax will be automatically applied to your order based on applicable state and local sales tax laws and shipping destination.

As an complimentary service we provide you suggestion about the products with knowledgeable person. Safasilver is one of the best silver jewelry manufacturer will help you to make your own customize jewelry design as per your desire. Please contact us through Email : [email protected] or Wats app +6 6628264784.

Sterling silver ornaments are basically polished by safasilver. Gemstone has premium polish for emerging look. Advise our customers to keep silver jewelry in airtight bags or box in order to prevent tarninshing. After a long day wear the jewelry will be soaked in sweating and dirt. Its is advised to clean the jewelry to retain its shining everlasting.

Oxidized finish Silver Jewelry are puropsefully made to get Balck Anitque jewelry look. It is Advised to Store in airtight bags or Box to prevent tarnishing and Polish Clothes for cleaning the Oxidized Jewelry.

Safasilver Offers 2 types of Shipping, 1) Ordinary Registerd Post Via ThaiPost Airmail, 2) Express Shipping Via UPS, DHL, FEDEX, EMS.

Safasilver is willing to accept the returns or exchanges happily conditions apply for more details please visit Shipping and return section.

Yes, you can track your order with the official website of Thaipost Airmail Tracking website for ordinary post. For Express Shipping you can track details in thier respective website. For Instance we send you via UPS shipment, you can track your order in Official UPS Website with Tracking ID which is provided via Order Shipment Mail.

Yes, We can ship your order to any international location without any query. Minimum Order Value is $ 99 with Shipping cost $ 10, Free International Shipping order value above $ 299.

We are one of the best hand engraving silver jewelry in thailand. Our engraving experts has the most appropriate technique with artistary concept. Each piece is unique so hand engraving methods are the art of removing metals to form a jewelry in manual tools are very much challenging and the finish of silver jewelry is adorable.

Yes, Its real Silver, But Pure silver is too soft to make jewelry. So the new term 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry came into market, Where 92.5 % Pure Silver and 7.5 % Alloy to make the Silver hard enough to make Jewelry.

Pure Silver metal is too soft it cannot be made into jewelry by engraving pure silver. 925 Sterling silver contains 92.5% Silver and 7.5% by weight of Alloy metals (Usally copper). Silver is alloyed with copper to increase its strenth & hardness to make Silver Jewelry. Reason of using copper alloy - The copper is used for reduce the tarnishing in silver jewelry.

Yes we do.! Safasilver has Real 9K & 14K Gold Nose jewelry. Check it out - Link

The Process of applying a thin layer of Gold on the surface of the Silver jewelry is known as Gold Plating. Safasilver does gold plating with Real Sterling silver jewelry only.

Safasilver.Co.Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer & Wholesaler of 925 Silver Jewelry from Thailand for more than a Decades we are in silver jewelry industry with our strong Customer support and Trust. Online silver jewelry Wholesale shop we accept payments via PAYPAL CHECKOUT an Trusted Third party checkout around the globe 100 % cash back Gaureente.

Yes, We have minimum order value $99 USD, it is suitable for sample order.

Yes, The price of all products are USD & EURO.

Of Course, We display only available stocks that customer shouldn't disappoint for the cause of "No Stock".

We deliver the same product which shown in our display. If it is single pendant that will be single or else their is an necklace with earrings that will be a set of jewel. We will give you what you have seen & order as the same you'll Receive. For more details Please contact us through Email : [email protected] or Whats app +6 6628264784.

Most of our Orders will Dispatch within 2 to 3 working days. Incase of Bulk Orders, some of our products it takes a while to manufacture so It takes addition of 2 to 3 days.

Safasilver Offers 2 types of Shipping, 1) Ordinary Registerd Post Via ThaiPost Airmail, 2) Express Shipping Via UPS, DHL, FEDEX, EMS.

1) Thaipost Airmail - 10 USD

2) Express Shipping - 30 to 80 USD depending upon the shipping designation location.

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