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Apart from nostril piercing, nose septum piercings are also popular spots to adorn jewelry on the nose. The nose septum is the central part of the nose that separates the two nostrils. Septum jewelry is mostly ring-shaped and has its origins in Asian cultures such as India. This nose jewelry imparts a bold look to the wearer. has a beautiful display of septum rings crafted from sterling silver. Our hottest selling designs are the septum rings with an oxidized silver finish, and we have several designs with heavy detailing and many carry filigree work. We offer several exotic designs such as Indian, Balinese, and tribal designs. Additionally, many designs have intricate beadwork as well. The different designs range from 10mm to 16mm to give a perfect fit on the nasal septum.

Septum rings are sold in pairs at wholesale prices, available for international shipping. Made from Genuine 925 sterling silver, Shop over $299 for free shipping!

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