Nose piercing Septum Tear Drop Silver Oxidized Tribal Style


Item Code : SEPT014

Material : 925 sterling silver

Type : Nose Septum

Style : Ethnic Tribal

Size : 13 mm x 10 mm

Weight : 0.50 g

Finish : Silver Oxidized

Price per Piece


Express Your Individuality with the Wholesale Nose Piercing


Unleash Your Inner Spirit

Designed for the free-spirited souls and the fashion-forward trendsetters, this nose piercing septum tear drop encapsulates

the essence of tribal artistry. Its intricate silver oxidized design reflects a rich heritage and timeless appeal, allowing you

to unleash your inner spirit and set yourself apart from the crowd. Let this accessory become a symbol of your personal journey,

a reminder of your strength and confidence.


A Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

Whether you're attending a music festival, a glamorous soirée, or simply expressing your unique style in everyday life

, this nose piercing septum tear drop effortlessly complements any outfit. Its versatile nature allows you to pair it with

casual attire for a bohemian vibe or dress it up to add a touch of sophistication to your evening ensemble. Be the epitome

of style and grace wherever you go.


Express Your Individuality

Embrace the power of self-expression and let your inner radiance shine through. This nose piercing septum tear drop empowers

you to showcase your individuality and stand out from the crowd. Whether you're seeking to enhance your natural beauty or add

an edgy touch to your look, this exquisite accessory will captivate attention and emphasize your unique features.

More Information
Weight 0.5 g
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
brand Safasilver
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