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Wholesale Sterling Silver Necklaces Supplier

Irrespective of how many sorts of styles you are looking to buy, it is always preferred to purchase wholesale. The premium advantage of buying wholesale silver chains benefits both the business owners and their buyers.


When you buy in bulk, you will also get to save more because of the wholesale prices and volume discounts. It allows the buyers to sell jewelry with high-profit margins. It also applies while buying silver necklaces. 

Buying Silver Necklaces in Bulk

We dispel that buying silver necklaces wholesale means ‘cheap’ or ‘low-quality.’ As a wholesaler, we let our customers know all the advantages of buying from us and ensure to offer our customers the best quality in the industry. 


We make our clients aware of all the possible advantages and disadvantages of purchasing silver necklaces wholesale to make the right decision. 


In the initial stages of a business, the main motive of the businessman would be to avoid early business failures and save a little money. In that regard, buying wholesale sterling silver necklaces is an excellent way to save your failing business. 


While buying sterling silver chains in bulk from a wholesaler, the buyer can avoid all the collateral aspects of purchasing from multiple retailers, like varying shipping costs and multiple invoices. 

What Are the Styles of Necklaces We Offer? 

If you plan for a start-up jewelry business, buy from our wide assortment of 925 silver jewelry chains from and fill up your shelves quickly. 

1. Chains and pendants with CZ stones

People love CZ chains and pendants as they are cheaper than diamonds. The Cubic Zirconia stones are colorless, durable, and flawless and loved for their impeccable brilliance. 

2. Shiva Eye Gemstone

These gemstones indicate creation, destruction, transformation. The spiral pattern specifies eternal life and how all things are interconnected to each other. These can be mostly found in the seabeds of Thailand. 

3. Chains and pendants with plain shapes

What’s your favorite symbol? We have got you all covered. offers a variety of pendant shapes including, anchor, clover, seashell, infinity, etc. We also offer different styles of chains like link chains and box chains. You can pick your favorite symbol to style with your everyday outfits. 

4. 3 layer Necklaces

Layered necklaces are always chosen for their casual vibes. It helps create a fashion statement with your jewelry. For all the women who love fashion and going with the trend, these 3 layer necklaces are a must-have. 

5. Silver Choker

Modern women would love to have silver chokers in their wardrobe. These are simple, elegant, and can work well with most outfits. These look slim and sophisticated and are perfect for women who love classy jewelry. 

Silver Necklaces wholesale

Safasilver is one of the leading silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. We offer a tremendous collection of high-quality 925 sterling silver chains. Our necklace sizes range from 16 inches to 18 inches and come along with 2-inch extensions. Most of our necklaces are Rhodium-plated for a high-quality finish and to prevent tarnishing.

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