how to measure a nose ring size

Various terms are used to describe the most common body modification in the world: nose piercings. Choosing the right size of jewelry is also crucial. Here is a guide to show you how to use a nose ring size chart correctly, so you won't have to worry about so much.

What Nose Ring Size Gauge Should You Use?


Gauge: The gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry, which corresponds to the size of the needle used for piercing. The needle size will be equal to that of the jewelry "wire."

Gauge selection: Every nose is different, so your piercer will choose an appropriate gauge based on your shape and size. With the variety of nose sizes, there are also many different gauge sizes to suit everyone's body type and shape of the nose.

Common nose ring gauge size: The gauge of an item affects how it fits.

How To Use A Nose Ring Size Chart Correctly The First Time

  1. An average nose ring is 20 gauge, which means that the jewelry "wire" is 0.8 millimeters thick.
  2. A 22 gauge is the thinnest gauge available (0.6mm). it's common for some professional piercers.
  3. The thickest for most piercers to suggest, depending on circumstances, is an 18 gauge (1mm).

It is beneficial to know the gauge size of your jewelry so that your pieces will fit comfortably. You can ask your piercer what size needle they use if it's a new body modification, as well as the size of the ring they're inserting.

How To Use A Nose Ring Size Chart


When buying new nose rings, it's essential to know exactly what size you need. You don't want to lose your jewelry or insert a piece that's too thick for your piercing. If you don't know what size gauge you have or can't remember, here's a way to determine your nose ring size.

How To Use A Nose Ring Size Chart Correctly The First Time

Rule 1 Never use a ruler to measure your nose ring-it will be inaccurate!

Rule 2 The best way to know your nose ring gauge size is to compare an existing piece with a new one before buying. Most piercing shops will let you do this.

Rule 3 Body jewelry can be measured accurately with a vernier caliper or screw gauge. Also, it's great for measuring the inner diameter of existing hoops and even your actual piercing.

When you have measurements of your nose ring, you can base new jewelry purchases on how existing jewelry fits. 

How To Shop For Nose Rings


Ready to shop new nose ring jewelry? Think about how your existing piece feels. Is it too loose? You may want to size up in wire gauge. Feels tight? It would be best if you bought a thinner gauge jewelry piece before the skin stretches.

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Nose piercings take a while to heal, but be careful. Sizing down is more manageable than sizing up, as the stretching process can be painful!

Think about the styles of rings you want to try, and discover what you like best.