Does a Nostril Piercing Hurt? What You Need to Know

Are you ready to change up your look with a flashy new piercing? Nostril piercings are popular in 2021, and for good reason. They look great, and they're subtle enough that many employers now feel comfortable hiring people with them. 

If you're new to piercings, this might be a scary idea. Does a nostril piercing hurt? What's the healing process like? We're here to talk about it so you can make an informed decision.

Keep reading to learn all about nostril piercings!

What Is a Nostril Piercing?

Nostril piercings are the most common form of nose piercings. As the name implies, the piercing goes through the nostril and you can adorn it with a stud or a ring (after you're done healing unless you're ready for more extensive aftercare). 

There are several varieties of nostril piercings that have different placements.

The most common is a single nostril piercing that goes where you can feel a crease above the flare of your nostril. A good piercer will make sure that placement is perfect for your anatomy. 

You could also get a double nostril piercing. This can either mean symmetrical piercings on each side of your nose or two on the same side. If you're feeling bold, you can get a high nostril piercing that goes closer to the top of your nose. 

Does a Nostril Piercing Hurt? 

Nostril piercings are often more painful than people expect, but they aren't unbearable. Keep in mind that pain is relative, so while one person may not experience any serious discomfort from a nostril piercing, someone else may find it very painful. 

When you ask "how much does a nostril piercing hurt," it's like asking "how long is a line?"

Nostril piercings go through thick cartilage, so it will be more painful than a septum piercing which goes through thinner flesh. Many people claim that it feels like being bopped in the nose. 

How Much Does a Nostril Piercing Cost?

The cost of a nostril piercing varies depending on the quality of the studio and where you live. At a nice studio in a large city, you can expect to pay $80 dollars on average for the piercing process alone and then more for healing-quality jewelry.

You should always opt for a nice studio, so don't price shop. Nicer studios have piercers who practice better hygiene techniques and know-how to place piercings appropriately for ideal healing. 

What Gauge Is a Nostril Piercing? 

Nostril piercing gauges also vary. Many people want to put a super-thin piece of jewelry in a nostril piercing, but in reality, this isn't the best choice (especially for a fresh piercing).

Good piercers often do nostril piercings at 18g to 20g at the thinnest. Some may even choose a 16g, but this is often up to the person being pierced as this is a thicker gauge.

When your piercing is done healing, you can try thinner jewelry. While it's healing, however, stick with the gauge that the piercer gave you so you can avoid the cheese cutter effect. This means that thin jewelry may start ripping through your piercing and causing damage. 

Nostril Piercing Healing Time

Nostril piercings take a longer time to heal than lobe piercings or septum piercings. Because they go through cartilage, people often sleep on them, and (at the moment), they may be covered with masks, the healing time is lengthy.

Don't expect your nostril to heal before (at a minimum) 6 months. It won't hurt for the duration of the healing period, but it will be too unstable to change the jewelry on your own without risking damage.

Most of the time, a piercer will want to see you again in one to three months after the piercing so they can downsize your jewelry, but that doesn't mean that the piercing is done healing.

Remember: piercings heal from the outside-in. Even if you no longer see swelling or redness, your fistula isn't done healing yet. 

Nostril Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare for nostril piercings is simpler than many people claim. You don't need heavy chemicals (and as a matter of fact, you shouldn't use them. They can dry out and irritate your piercing).

First and foremost, don't spin your jewelry. Many people mistakenly believe that this helps your jewelry "not stick" to the fistula. In reality, high-quality healing jewelry won't stick, and by spinning it, you're causing damage and extending your healing time.

Let warm water run over your piercing in the shower. Avoid putting any makeup or scented lotions around your piercing while it's healing. Don't go swimming with your face underwater until you're done with the healing process. 

You can use a sterile saline spray to clean your piercing when you're not in the shower.

Don't change your jewelry until your piercer gives you permission. You can get stylish nose jewelry to change for occasional wear when your piercing is safe and sturdy. 

If you get a "piercing bump," don't panic. Go to your piercer so they can help you. Contrary to popular belief, it likely isn't an infection or a keloid, so don't use internet self-diagnosis or advice. 

Cleaning a Nostril Piercing: How Often? 

Aside from when you shower, you can spray your piercing with sterile saline several times per day. It's helpful to do it once in the morning and once before you go to bed.

You may discover that your skin gets irritated with this routine. If this is the case, spray only when you don't take a shower (meaning if you take morning showers, spray at night, and vice versa). 

Can a Nostril Piercing Close? 

Nostril piercings can and will close if you don't have jewelry in them. While this varies from person to person, you should always assume that the piercing will close quickly.

While your piercing is still fresh (meaning unhealed), it can close within a day. Even after healing, young piercings can close within one to several days.

Many people find that if they have had their piercing for several years, they can go several days without jewelry. If you need to take your jewelry out for a surgical procedure or for work, consider getting clear retainers. 

Nostril Piercings: Are You Interested?

Nostril piercings are popular for a reason. They can be subtle or extreme depending on your personal preferences, and they're getting more socially acceptable by the year.

So does a nostril piercing hurt? Yes, but remember, piercings are wounds. Go to a professional and don't underestimate your healing time if you want a healthy and happy piercing.

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