Are you planning to buy a silver ring for your engagement or marriage? Make sure to get the right size ring as incorrect fitting may ruin your big day. Apart from the fact that you can find a vast collection of beautiful and luxurious wedding rings online, there is a higher probability that you might lose points in choosing the perfect size. So what to do now?


In this article, we will discuss the different ways to measure your finger size from the comfort of your home using a ring size calculator chart. This way, one can find the right size without even a ring sizer!

Ring Size Conversion Chart

UK Size US Size(appx.) Inside Diameter(in mm) Inside Diameter(in inches)
H 4 15 mm 0.59
I 4.5 15.3 mm 0.6
J 5 15.6 mm 0.62
K 5.5 16.2 mm 0.63
L 6 16.6 mm 0.65
M 6.5 16.9 mm 0.67
N 7 17.2 mm 0.68
O 7.5 17.8 mm 0.7
P 8 18.1 mm 0.71
Q 8.5 18.5 mm 0.73
R 9 19.1 mm 0.75
S 9.5 19.4 mm 0.76
T 10 19.7 mm 0.78
U 10.5 20.4 mm 0.79
V 11 20.7 mm 0.81
W 11.5 21.0 mm 0.83
X 12 21.6 mm 0.85
Y 12.5 22.0 mm 0.86
Z 13 22.3 mm 0.87
Z+2 13.5 22.9 mm 0.89
Z+3 14 23.2 mm 0.91
Z+4 14.5 23.6 mm 0.92
Z+5 15 24.0 mm 0.94

Before measuring your finger, here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you feel your knuckle is too large, always order half a size bigger than your actual finger size.

The finger size may also differ according to the temperature. Your skin tends to expand and contract in hot and cold temperatures accordingly. Hence, make sure to measure and note the reading twice or thrice.


Find the two easy methods to measure the ring size at home below.

This method is suitable for those who are buying their first ring online.

You will need,

1) String / Paper

2) Using a ruler

Method-1 - Using String / Paper

Step 1- Start by wrapping the string at the base of the intended finger as shown below.

us ring size to uk |

Step 2- Mark the point where the string overlaps.

Step 3- Measure the length of the string(which is the circumference of the ring) until the pen mark in millimeters or inches using a ruler.

Step 4- Once you find the measurement, you may use the formula (Diameter= L/3.14) to find the Diameter of your ring.

Step 5- Now refer to the given size chart to find the appropriate ring size.

( Note- Make sure to wrap the string correctly around the finger, not too loose and not tight. )

Method-2 Using a ruler

us ring size to uk |

If you already have a ring with a perfect fitting, you can also use it to buy rings online.

You will need,

1) Ruler

2) Ring size conversion chart

Step 1- Use a ruler to measure the diameter of the ring as shown in the picture.

Step 2- Note down the diameter measurement in millimeters or inches.

Step 3- Now, use the size chart above to find your ring size.