If you think these colorful acquisitions are a recent introduction to the world, you might be wrong. Currently, modern birthstones are popular among the youths, but they have originated decades back. But, do you know that different types of birthstones correspond to your birth month? 

What is a Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone, which represents the month-wise correlation of a person's birth. They are believed to herald fortune and good luck for the person. In general, each gemstone possesses unique natural properties. 

They have become a popular introduction regardless of gender, nationality, and age. Many traditions suggest that these birthstones have mystical powers. But, there are numerous myths and legends around the powers of these gemstones. However, there is also scientific evidence explaining the reasons behind some of their abilities. 

History of Birthstones

The tradition of the birthstones goes back to the ‘Book of Exodus’ that suggests that the first high priest of the Israelites, Aaron wore a breastplate that featured twelve stones. This belt is believed to have magical powers representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These stones were also used to tell about an individual’s fate. People started rotating through their collections and started wearing stones to heighten their powers. Later, Historian Joseph believed there is a connection between the twelve stones and the twelve months/signs of the zodiac. Eventually, this evolved to associating gemstones with months. As time went by, people started wearing these precious stones concerning their corresponding month. 

People wear these gemstones to harness the power of a particular planet. According to the Hindu tradition, wearing these birthstones grant the user cosmic vibes. Many people also wear birthstones as a symbol of wealth and status. 

Later in 1912, The National Association of Jewelers standardized a birthstone chart corresponding to each month in the United States

These are also called healing crystals in history. Do you want to know your birthstone according to your birth month? Let us discuss it all.

Birthstone Chart by month 


Birth Month


























January Birthstone Garnet

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These gemstones have been in use since the Bronze Age. The word is derived from the Latin word called granatum, meaning pomegranate. It has its name relating to the deep red color of the pomegranate. 

January birthstone Color

Garnets are available in various colors, including shades of pink, purple, green, and blue. However, the red variety is often associated with January. 

January birthstone Benefits

During the medieval period, people wore rings and brooches incorporating these Garnet crystals. These are thought of as a protective door against negative vibration. The Garnet crystal is often linked with the heart chakra. Therefore, while meditating, many people place them on the heart region. 

January birthstone Trait

You are an energetic and cheerful person who loves to keep your surroundings happy. You love to be involved in adventurous and exciting things. 

February Birthstone Amethyst

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The Ancient Egyptians popularly used amethyst. It has its popular association with February month. During ancient times, Amethyst was considered a favorite gemstone of kings and queens. 

February birthstone Colors

You can find the Amethyst stones in violet, lavender, and purple coloration. The deeper hues of the Amethyst stone are believed to provide higher value. 

February birthstone Benefits

This is the perfect one if you are looking for a stone that helps you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Using Amethyst is believed to provide holistic wellness. They are used to balance the mind, body, and spirit and set your body up for holistic benefits.

In many parts of the world, Amethyst is used to,

     • Promote hormone balance

     • Provide serenity

     • Reduce body aches

     • Detoxify the body

     • Provide stress relief

     • Improve decision-making skills

February birthstone Trait

You are an expressive person who is so much interested in art. Your love for artistic and creative things will take you places in life. 

March Birthstone Aquamarine/Bloodstone

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For people born in March, the gem of the sea(Aquamarine) is considered the birthstone. 

March Birthstone Color

These stones come in a wide range of blue-green colors including, deep and pastel hues. It is one of the durable gemstones with excellent clarity and gemstones. 

March Birthstone Benefits

Wearing these blue stones is believed to offer healing powers for the heart, stomach, and liver. These stones also have a strong association with love, youth, and hope. 

March Birthstone Traits

You are a minimalist who loves to lead your life quietly and peacefully. Books are the love of your life. You are a clever and intelligent person who loves gaining knowledge. 

Bloodstone is another great alternative for Aquamarine stones. According to Christians, this stone holds tremendous significance as it is often related to the ‘Blood of Christ.’ Wearing bloodstones are believed to provide healing powers and clear any energy blockages. 

April Birthstone Diamond

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Diamonds are considered the birthstone of April month. 

April Birthstone Colors

These stones are found in various colors like black, white, violet, etc. But most people opt for colorless diamonds because of their rich and luxurious look. 

April Birthstone Benefits

Diamonds symbolize love and affection. These are known for their healing power. Wearing these is believed to offer prosperity and wealth. Many people also choose these for clarity of thought and perception. They are also believed to cure neurological disorders.

April Birthstone Trait

You know what the purpose of your life is. You have perfectly planned your moves to reach what you are working hard for. 

May Birthstone Emerald

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For the May-born ones, Emerald is considered the birthstone. This stone is acclaimed to be the ‘talisman’ for Goddess Venus. 

May Birthstone Color: Green

May Birthstone Benefits

Wearing Emerald is claimed to improve one’s memory power, focus, and intelligence. It is believed that Emerald can reduce fear and anxiety. Wearing these stones is said to help in controlling bleeding majorly. These are preferred to improve marital happiness and fidelity. Emeralds are often associated with faithfulness. If you are may-born, wearing Emerald will help you have good health

May Birthstone Trait

No one can understand other's feelings like you do. You value people's emotions and treat them the right way with respect and dignity. 

June Birthstone Pearl/Agate/Moonstone/Alexandrite

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Are you a June-born? You are lucky enough to have several birthstones including, Pearl, Agate, Moonstone, Alexandrite. The most popular one is pearl. But, many Scandinavian countries prefer moonstone to be the birthstone of June month. However, alexandrite is considered the modern addition to the gem chart. 

June Birthstone Pearls

Color- White

Benefits: Pearls are majorly used to enhance mental powers. It is often associated with loyalty, purity, and faithfulness. It is one of the sacred gems that come in multiple shapes and hues. 

June Birthstone Moonstone

Color- White, blue, silver

Benefits- Moonstones held a high value in the East. There are many beliefs about the moonstones regarding their power to bring positivity to our lives. These deep blue or silver stones are considered a symbol of love and passion. 

June Birthstone Alexandrite

Color- During daylight, it appears green, and with incandescent lighting, it gives off a purple-red color. 

Benefits- It was named after Alexander II. These stones are popular because of their color-changing tendency. These are mostly preferred to heighten intuitive powers.

June Birthstone Trait 

Are you a person who is born with pearl, agate, moonstone, or alexandrite as your gemstones? Then you are a superstar with multiple hidden talents. Once you discover your talent and start working on them, you will reach heights. 

July Birthstone Ruby

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Ruby is the birthstone associated with people born in July. 

July Birthstone Color

Many people also love Rubies because of their fiery luscious color. 

July Birthstone Benefits

This precious stone is believed to get rid of anxiety-related problems. They are also said to ward off evil energies. Ruby is often related to love, passion, and wealth. People who are born with Ruby as a birthstone are often outgoing and adventurous. These stones are believed to improve one’s physical and mental health. 

July Birthstone Trait

You are a selfless human being who always treats others with a warm smile on your face. Your loved ones are always your priority, and you always will stand up for them during hard times. 

August Birthstone Peridot

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Usually, the birthstone Peridot is often associated with August. It is derived from the Greek word ‘peridona,’ meaning plenty. 

August Birthstone Color- Green

August Birthstone Benefits

People believe that wearing peridot has their life filled with happiness and positivity. They may also have a huge impact on reducing stress and anxiety. This ‘gem of the sun’ brings joy into your life. 

August Birthstone Trait

Those who have peridot as their gemstones are usually friendly and kind. 

September Birthstone Sapphire

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Sapphire is considered the gemstone for the people born in September month. This crystal belongs to the Corundum family. It is derived from the Latin word 'sapphires,' meaning blue. 

September Birthstone Color

They are available in bluish or pinkish colors

September Birthstone Benefits

Wearing Sapphire is believed to enhance knowledge and wisdom. In ancient times, people used Sapphire to cure eye-related problems. 

September Birthstone Trait

If you have Sapphire as your birthstone, you are a calm and focused person who is highly independent. You will be the first one to stand up for the person you love. You are super protective and show immense love and affection towards your loved ones. 

October Birthstone Tourmaline

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Opal and Tourmaline are considered the two birthstones for October. It comes from the word ‘toramalli,’ meaning mixed colors. 

October Birthstone Color

They are available in different colors such as pink, green, or multicolor.  

October Birthstone Benefits

Wearing this enhanced the dynamism of the wearer. It is often referred to as ‘gateway to inner self’ as it helps you connect with your inner self.  

October Birthstone Trait

People who have Tourmaline or Opal as birthstones are friendly. They love to do adventurous things in life. They are so passionate about trying out different exciting and unusual activities. 

November Birthstone Citrine

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A citrine birthstone is often associated with November. 

November Birthstone Color- Yellow

November Birthstone Benefits

Citrine is often referred to as ‘healing quartz.’ These stones are used to manifest your desires quickly. Wearing Citrine is believed to bring success in your career or business and help promote prosperity. 

November Birthstone Trait

You are that person who can light up the whole room with your beautiful smile. Your optimism helps you attract good luck and fortune into your life. 

December Birthsone Turquoise

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The most associated birthstone with December is Turquoise. They are known for their serene and peaceful energy. 

December Birthstone Color- Blue

December Birthstone Benefits

Turquoise is mostly preferred for its beautiful color. It gives off calming energy that inspires to host positive traits. They are said to attract wealth and prosperity. Many people also use these to improve their overall health and well-being. 

December Birthstone Trait

You might be referred to as an ‘old soul’ who loves knowledge and wisdom. You are that supportive friend in a group with caring and helpful character.