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Yes, you can wear gold-plated jewelry in the shower. But, if you want your gold-plated jewels to last longer, you may need to avoid it. Though gold-plated jewels have the ability to handle water and other everyday elements, they may damage them in the long run. The gold layer might get chipped or scratched off from the jewelry.

People choose gold-plated jewelry for several reasons including,

  1. All the gold-plated pieces of jewelry are highly durable and strong; hence you may not worry about them breaking.
  2. They are super affordable compared with gold jewels.
  3. You can find a wide range of gold-plated jewelry to choose from.
  4. You can always get your tarnished gold-plated jewelry re-plated to make it look new.

Gold-plated jewelry is on-trend now. From necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets, you can find many different styles online. So let’s first know what gold-plated jewelry is?

If a piece of jewelry made of base metals such as copper or silver is coated with pure gold, it is called gold-plated jewelry. It is made by dipping jewelry pieces into a gold-colored solution. Later, an electric current is passed on the piece to trigger a chemical reaction resulting in a layer of gold-plated on its surface.

how long gold-plated jewelry will last

If you wonder how long gold-plated jewelry will last? The answer depends on how well you take care of them. The gold plating might stay for as long as two years. The wear downtime may also depend on the thickness of the gold plating and how often it comes in contact with the elements that can cause damage to them. 

  1. After every use, clean your jewels well with a piece of cloth thoroughly.
  2. Make sure you do not wear them while swimming, bathing, or exercising.
  3. Store your jewels separately in airtight bags.
  4. Lotions such as moisturizers or body lotions might react with your jewels and damage them. So, wear your jewels only when you are done with using the creams.

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