Rhodium Plating

Generally Rhodium plating is used in 925 jewelry, many people doesn’t have knowledge about rhodium plating as well as never heard about it. The 925 Silver Jewelry purpose of rhodium plating is to enhance the luster and resistance of jewelry, it makes the jewelry smooth and shiny finish especially attractive in crystal type of silver jewelry which is enhanced by rhodium plating.


What is Rhodium?          

                                                Rhodium is an element which is rare and precious, that is more expensive from gold estimated 10 to 25 times. Rhodium is constituent group of platinum metals with 925 silver hued. Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver It is highly durable & resist with extreme reflective with advantage of non-tarnishing and harder than gold. Rhodium is fragile metal and it is hard to make shape or forming, over all rhodium is not suitable of making 925 Silver Jewelry. This expose like a glass it may easily broke or shattered, when it got plated with 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry it enhances the longevity of metal.


How thick is Rhodium Plating?

                                                 The Thickness of plating is 0.75 to 1.0 MICRONS rhodium, it may sound like thin but this is enough for Wholesale Silver Jewelry it is tough enough for rough wear. If the rhodium plating is thick, it may rupture due to rhodium fragileness either or if it is too much thin from the expected microns it may cause fading in short period.


Rhodium Plated jewelry is safe to wear?

                                                Of course it’s safe to wear. Rhodium plating is allergy free and there is no problem of skin reactions wearing rhodium plated jewelry. Rhodium doesn’t consist of nickel, the nickel is hypoallergenic metal cause’s skin reaction. Although rhodium plating element can eliminate the issues. It will not cause rashes, if the lustering goes down the metal alloy approaches apparently it may cause allergy.


What is a Process of Rhodium Plating?

                                                Usually plating is done through “Electroplating Process”, first step to clean all the contaminants thoroughly in case of any dirt plating doesn’t hold any of them.  There are three processes of plating steam cleaning, distilled water & electro cleaning which is has to be cleaned before dipping into rhodium solution for instance cheap 925 sterling silver rings. The positive electric charge will fuse the rhodium with base metal.


How longevity is Rhodium Plating?

                                                  We manufacturers believe that it last forever, but still last for couple of years depending on how often you use it. How much you wear it, usage may determine the 925 sterling silver jewelry durability. 


How to make rhodium plating last longer?              

                                                 There is a way to longevity of rhodium plating in best silver jewelry, some steps to follow for longevity. Avoid rubbing with your hands e.g. frequently washing hands may lead to lose its lustering. Avoid exposure of chemicals e.g. sanitizers etc. Remove it when you are in swimming pool because the chlorine can damage the plating easily.

                                                Lotion, creams, perfumes & cosmetics can also affect the plating, if you use it clean your hand and let them dry then wear it.