14K Gold


We all aware of gold purity & density of a quality which is measured by Karatage. Karat is a unit for measuring purity of gold. The purer 24K always molded in coins or bars and gold has different varieties with surrogate of karats. The karat subordinates the measures and its molded in different level of metal alloy it’s based on the karat of gold.

What is 14K Gold? Or It’s a real Gold?

                                14 Karat gold is mixture of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% mixture of other metals like zinc, copper, nickel & silver which is 24 out of 14 part of gold. 14K Gold are inexpensive than other karats and it has more resistance to prevent from flake because of alloy metals make more resistible and its more durable & harder. Most of daily wear jewelry made up of 14k gold.   

                                                                Mostly in United States lot of people uses 14k Gold ornaments. In fact, 90 percent of U.S wedding bands are 14K gold. It’s affordable in price comparing with 24karat.

Why it’s not pure?

                                Due to the fact gold is too soft it will be unshaped or damage easily that’s why 24k gold are in bars & coins. In case of making gold jewelry metal alloy is most important for durability to make harden gold, quality retains subordinates to make daily wear materials. Metal Alloy is mixture of other metals.

Does it rust?

                Original 14K gold doesn’t rust and isn’t has possibilities of rusting because of gold filled materials are rustless and more durability from comparison of higher 18K or 24K.

How to care 14K Gold Jewelry?

                14K gold is not too soft and not fragile precious metal still it’s depends on your side of caring required to prevent from dent or scratches kindly remove and keep in safe place before the impact of an sport activities or other hands on activities to avoid  the damage. Important thing is avoid from the chlorine because it may lead to major damage your gold jewelry e.g. Swimming Pool, Chemicals in generals and also proscribe from washing utensils, bathing, applying lotions or face cream.


                                The thick outer layer makes the durability of gold and safe for skin allergies. Nickel metal which is a metal alloy used for most of gold materials it may cause the skin allergies to sensitive skin people but in 14K Gold Jewelry are very safe to wear and there is no possibilities for skin allergies.