Ultimate Guide to Shiva Eye Shell in Sterling Silver Jewelry

Imagine an eye from deep within the ocean which can help you peer into the wonders of the universe. Behold, the Shiva Eye Shell.

You may have seen Shiva Eye Shell jewelry before but not have known what it was. Read our guide to find out about the Shiva Eye shell, as well as its beauty, significance, and properties when used with silver as jewelry.

What is a Shiva Eye Shell?

Deep beneath the surface of the ocean, in the far corners of the earth, there lives a creature which has fascinated humans for centuries. The Shiva Eye Shell, or Pacific cat's eye, jewelry is actually the operculum shell of the turban snail.

The most popular version of this shell comes from the snail Lunella smaragda, also known as or Turbo smaragdus, which often live off the coast of New Zealand and some of the surrounding areas. This is commonly known as the cat's eye snail.

Another species in the same genus of snail is the Lunella coronata, which you can find throughout the Indo-Pacific ocean, including off the coast of Thailand. Both kinds of these turban snails have the Shiva Eye shell spiral pattern.

These snails have a turban-shaped shell into which they will retreat when threatened. The smaller round shell piece, called an operculum, acts as a 'door' to seal their shell while they hide inside.

The operculum of these snails resembles an eye on the outside. With a white hue, clear around the edges, and dark in the center, it looks enough like an enormous eye to scare away predators. On the inside (the part attached to the snail), it forms a perfect spiral pattern.

When the snails pass on, this piece of the shell comes loose and will eventually wash ashore on the coasts near where these animals live. This operculum is known as a Shiva Eye Shell, a sort of natural shell 'gemstone' that is both beautiful and significant for many people.

History and Lore of Shiva Shells

Golden ratio in shiva eye shell

The spiral pattern on the inside of the operculum shell is a natural representation of the golden ratio. This is often used to represent the interconnectedness of nature and all things in the universe.

In folklore, when fishermen catch these shells, they can bring good luck to all fishermen and travelers on sea voyages. They are also known as 'mermaid money' or mermaid coins since they are somewhat coin-shaped. The eye pattern also brings associations with warding away the evil eye.

The most significant connection for Shiva Eye Shells is to the Hindu pantheon deity Shiva. The eye pattern on the shell represents Shiva's third eye, which relates to enlightenment and divinity.

These shells became very popular among Europeans during the Victorian era. When the British found the shells along the coast of Australia and New Zealand, they started to wear Shiva Eye shell earrings and other kinds of jewelry. They soon started to trade the shells with other parts of the world.

Shiva Eye Properties and Benefits

These sea shells are associated with calming ocean energy. People can use these shells to ward away evil and dispel negative energy, transforming it into positive energy.

Because of the association with the Hindu deity Shiva, these are also useful in opening your third eye chakra to boost your intuition and understanding. Shiva is also associated with destruction, dancing, creation, and being connected to the divine without losing touch with the Earth. 

Some who practice crystal healing believe that Shiva Eye Shells have healing benefits for certain body parts. They have mental and psychic healing properties as well, helping you to identify and strengthen your sense of self and to ward off evil influences. Another influence of these shells is on the idea of a path towards enlightenment and following the right path in your daily life.

When stored with money, because of the association with the mermaid money, it's thought that these shells can also bring wealth and prosperity.

Sterling Sliver Properties With Shiva Shell

Sterling silver is associated with the moon, purity, and healing. When silver is used with gemstones, the silver provides a gentle connection and flow of energy between the stone or minerals and the wearer.

Silver is also known to protect against evil, making it a good pairing with Shiva Eye Shells. Since silver is reflective, it reflects evil away from the wearer, bringing the clarity and calm energy of the moon and the ocean.

Shiva Eye Shell Jewelry

Shiva eye shell jewelry

Wearing a Shiva eye shell pendant can be a stylish addition to any outfit, whether you wear it on the spiral side of the cat's eye side. It goes well with other sea shell jewelry and brings a natural element of design to your ensemble.

Sterling silver Shiva eye shell rings or Shiva eye shell bracelets on your hands can keep this stunning pattern in view to help remind you to keep an eye on your goals and the right path for your life. The style and significance can also be a great conversation piece for anyone who asks about your jewelry.

Caring For Your Silver and Shiva Shell Jewelry

Take gentle care of your jewelry by cleaning it with a soft cloth. You can use water to clean your jewelry, but make sure it gets dried completely afterward since silver can tarnish with excess moisture.

Since the Shiva Eye is a shell, be very delicate when cleaning it so it doesn't get scratched. Crystal healers claim that you can charge your Shiva Eye under the full moon to restore its energy, which works especially well with silver's moon connection.

Where to Buy Shiva Eye Shell Jewelry

Shiva Eye Shells make for a stunning natural accessory and can even bring about healing and enlightenment to those who wear them, making them perfect for jewelry.

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