It’s 2021, and we all must agree that cuff earrings are making a fashion statement already! Many of the top celebrities are also spotted flaunting the red carpet fashion looks with these cuff earrings. This is a new era of fashionable face masks and designer gloves. But do you know why ear cuffs are also reaching out more? 


Today, we will discuss 6 reasons why ear cuffs are one of the top 2021 fashion trends. You can also discover some of the top ear clip styles to rock with any outfit.


Reason 1: Ear wraps make you go back to the 90s jewelry trend. We all know fashion repeats itself; hence these ear wrap cuffs are giving a huge comeback now. The 90s are called the golden era of the fashion industry; hence celebrities, influencers, and people who love fashion are super happy to welcome back the ear cuffs trend.


Reason 2: It is one of the pieces of jewelry that goes with any of your outfits. It makes your look distinctive and brings the “wow” factor. What is your outfit for the day? Is it a jumpsuit? Skirt and a simple top? Torn jeans? Saree? Kurti? Whatever it is, ear clips can help you totally flaunt it. 


Reason 3: Ear wraps cuffs are the best friend for those who want to be the center of attention with their fashion style. It brings out individuality in both modern and ethnic outfits.


Reason 4: This ear cuff trend is so effortless to pull off, but all you have to do is choose the right accessories to pair with it. Many people either wear the cuff earrings alone or pair them with other Bohemian accessories, but there is no in-between.


Reason 5: I bet once you try it out, you can never stop wearing ear cuffs as they are beautiful. No matter whatever your look is, ear wrap cuffs make you look special and appealing. A sleek straight ponytail or a messy curly hairdo, ear wraps can beautify your appearance. 


Reason 6: The wrap earrings are available in several different types. This is one of the unique pieces of jewelryyou will ever come across. If you want it simple, you can opt for plain ear clips. If you like it to be a little distinctive, you can choose ear wraps with intricate designs. The best part is, you will have so many options to choose from.


Here are Safasilver’s top trending cuff earrings you must try,


1) Plain silver hoop earrings

Hoop earrings |

These huggie hoop earrings are made of 925 sterling silver. The size of these earrings is 16MM with a weight of 1.24g. Wearing these hoop earrings has the ability to draw attention to the face. These plain silver hoop earrings work for all outfit styles. It makes you look prettier and creates a statement of power.  It also symbolizes unity and wholeness.

2) 4 strife design ear cuffs

Cuff earrings |

Safasilver 4 strife design ear cuffs are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver and weigh 0.79g. The best part about these ear wrap cuffs is that the size is adjustable; therefore it works well with any ear size. 4 strife wrap earrings have been in the trend for several years now. People love these ear wraps as they require no piercing, are easy to wear, weightless, and stylish. 


3) Plain ear cuffs

Cuff earrings |

These lined design molded ear cuffs are designed with 925 sterling silver with 5mm x 10mm. People love our plain ear clips mainly because they are lightweight(They weigh only 1g). Lined model ear cuffs have been in trend for several years and disappeared eventually. Now, it has made a huge comeback in the fashion industry and has become the central trend of the year. 


 4) Flower design ear cuffs

flower cuff earrings |

We offer flower design ear cuffs made of sterling silver. They come with an oxidized finishing, adjustable size, and weigh only around 0.79g. It is one of our trending wrap earring styles because of its eye-catching look. The best part is you can flaunt them effortlessly without any piercing. 


5) Big Bali style ear cuffs

Oxidized cuff earrings |

Safasilver’s big Bali-style ear cuffs are made of 925 sterling silver. The size and weight of these wrap earrings are 10mm x 10mm and 1g, respectively. People who want a trendy and edgy finish can opt for these ear wraps. It is a trendy accessory that every modern woman must-have.