3 Stunning Squid Game Jewelry Trends to Watch

Whether the Netflix series Squid Game had you on the edge of your seat, cowering behind a cushion, or praying for another season, there's no doubt that it's the subscription service's biggest show ever.  

But, until Lee Jung-jae graces our screens again as loser-turned-winner Seong Gi-hun, what better way to show your love for this record-breaking Korean hit than by rocking some Squid Game symbol jewelry? After all, it's the perfect complement to your shiny green tracksuit!

But what is there to choose from? Let's take a look at the top Squid Game jewelry trends to watch! 

1. Triangle Jewelry 

The triangle represents one of the most important Squid Game symbols. Not only does it feature on the invitations given to the competitors and on the tier-II soldier's masks, but it's also part of the main Squid Game hallmarkHere, the triangle represents the elite, who control the regular people in the square below. 

Squid Game symbols and meanings aside, triangles are also one of the hottest jewelry trends around. Show your love for this powerful geometric shape with these simple silver studs, this eye-catching triangle ring, or this embellished matching jewelry set

2. Umbrella Stud Earrings

The umbrella shape has a huge symbolic meaning for fans of Squid Game as the most recognizable dalgona cookie shape. In the second round, viewers get to see Cho Sang-woo's evil intentions for the first time. Here, he realizes what's about to happen but fails to warn Seong Gi-hun about the danger of choosing the most difficult umbrella-shaped dalgona

As such, if you're looking to work a Squid Game theme into your symbolic jewelry collection, these umbrella stud earrings fit the bill perfectly. 

3. Circular Shapes

As with the triangle, the circle is a recurring Squid Game symbol. Alongside a triangle and a square, the circle appears on the original invitation. Tier-I henchmen have circles on their masks, and the circles on the main hallmark represent the debt-ridden lowly players at the bottom and the mysterious controlling elite at the top. 

These circle stud earrings are perfect examples of symbolic jewelry that's both timeless and on-trend. If you're looking for something a little different, you might prefer this circular silver necklace for a super-stylish way to work the Squid Game theme. Or, there's always this stunning circle ring. You could even combine it with the triangular ring mentioned above as well as this square silver band for the ultimate in Squid Game symbol jewelry looks. 

With all these Squid Game jewelry options out there, fans and fashionistas will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their favorite pieces! 

From a range of triangular and circular jewelry items to the subtle yet symbolic Squid Game umbrella-shaped earrings, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your Squid Game love into your jewelry collection. 

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