What is a Pave Setting?

Micro pave jewelry pieces look amazing when paired with the right outfit. Our guide helps you understand more about paving and micro pave jewelry pieces.


     • Pave refers to any setting with pave-set gemstones. It is a beautiful option for many types of jewelry, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. It is the right piece of jewelry that adds extra elegance and personality. 

     • The word ‘pave’ comes from the French word pronounced as ‘pa-way, meaning ‘pavement.’ It indicates the effect of paving the surface of the jewelry with small gemstones. These gemstones are secured by molding the metal around them. In this method, the holes are drilled into the metal and fitting the gemstones into the holes. 

     • This type of setting is used to minimize the visibility of the metal prongs or beads

     • Usually, if the pave set is between 0.01 - 0.02 carats, it is called pave setting. But if the paving stones are even smaller, it is referred to as the micro pave setting. 


 What is a Micro Pave Setting?

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 As the name suggests, this setting features tiny diamonds (mostly less than 0.01 carat) similar in size and setting using small prongs. They feature uniform sizes and patterns of gemstones compared to other paving options. 

 Every gemstone in a micro pave setting has several facets to ensure that the stones catch and refract the light creating a glowing and sparkling halo effect. 

 The specialty of micro pave setting is the several rows of gemstones covering the entire part of the jewelry piece. It is considered the most popular and delicate style that gives the appearance that the entire piece is made of gemstones. 

 The tiny gemstones are placed in the shank of the ring. These gemstones are put in tiny holes drilled into the ring’s band in a pave setting. The jewelry pieces also feature tiny metal beads or prongs that hold the gems in place. People love the micro pave setting because of its stunning impression through the ring’s top half. 


Difference between Micro pave, French pave, and Petite pave

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 Other types of pave setting include micro pave, U-cut pave, scalloped pave, French, pave, petite pave, bright cut pave, etc. Many people may not find the difference between the different types of settings. Let’s discuss some of the common pave setting types and their unique features. 

Micro Pave

French Pave

Petite Pave

Numerous small diamonds with a carat weight of less than 0.01ct per stone are set close. It creates the appearance of a continuous sparkle throughout the band of diamonds. 

In this type of setting, each gemstone is placed inside a tiny v-shaped space cut so that the sides of the jewelry pieces are more visible. The v-shaped cuts make the metal less visible between each gemstone. 

These are almost similar to traditional pave settings, but they use smaller prongs for the gemstones to be more visible. 

Scalloped pave

U-cut pave

Bright cut pave

It features metal beads with U-shaped cut-outs to create a scalloped look. 

As the name suggests, the shape of the grooves into which the stones are set is in a U-shape. 

It is also known as channel pave. In this style, two metals with tiny prongs are featured to hold the metal in place.


Benefits of Using Micro Pave Setting


     • The micro pave setting can add overall brilliance and beauty to the jewelry pieces. They tend to appear flashier and dazzling due to the sparkle of the gemstones. Another great advantage about the micro pave setting is that the metal beads blend in with the stone designs and create a seamless and stunning sparkle. 

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     • They are available in different styles including, modern and vintage, so that the wearer can choose the right one according to their outfits. 


     • People often opt for the micro pave setting because of the intricate and grandeur details found on the jewelry pieces. 


     • The micro-paves setting creates elegant, timeless jewelry pieces. These pave detailing helps express your personality and style. 


     • A micro pave setting can beautifully enhance the brilliance of a ring and bring more attention to the center of stone making it more dazzling and eye-catching. The micro pave setting and traditional pave setting might differ as to the diamonds, and metal prongs are smaller in place comparatively.


     • Micro pave diamond jewelry pieces are a good option if you look for ornaments that draw attention to the center stone. You can also find micro pave jewelry pieces that feature halos or side stones for a more dramatic look. 


     • Each of us has different preferences and styles, but a micro-paves setting suits everyone’s fashion sense. These sophisticated and posh designs can totally enhance your outfit.


     • Pave engagement rings are one of the popular styles in micro pave settings. Usually, the micro paves setting features small diamonds that line the band to draw instant attention to the stones as the sparkle extends throughout the ring. 


Maintenance of Micro Pave Setting Jewelry Pieces

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     • Though the tiny metal prongs or beads hold the stones in place, it is important to be a little careful while using this type of jewelry piece for daily use. 


     • You must examine and maintain your micro pave jewelry pieces at least once a year. A professional will check the integrity and fix the loose or dislodged stones. 


     • You may avoid using the micro pave setting jewelry pieces while involving in vigorous physical activities like playing sports. If your ring comes in contact with hard objects, the chances are high that your jewelry pieces might get damaged. However, this is suitable for any ring setting, not just micro pave. 


To purchase micro pave jewelry of outstanding quality and value, you must choose a reputable jewelry vendor. You can find both offline and online stores that offer high-quality micro pave setting jewelry pieces. But, if you want to purchase from direct manufacturers from different parts of the world, purchasing wholesale is the best option.