Birthstone 925 sterling silver ear stud jewelry on display in affordable price Wholesale

Sterling Silver Ear Studs - The Most of the woman's wears ear studs for more comfort and light weight. There are many women’s who has large collection earrings for the matching apparel also they own specific ornaments like plain, Crystal , Marcasite , Cubic Zircon , Pearl etc. such a collections and a lot of design Safasilver manufactures with artistry mind and handmade jewelry concept with latest innovative designs. Now a day’s their is an desire for every women’s to have a large numbers of earrings for your purpose "Safasilver" offers "Jewels on Display" with abundance of earrings in affordable price.

The attractive silver ear studs are genuine and pure 925 sterling silver. The ear studs which makes that so much graceful is "Gem Stones". Gem Stones are very light weight and makes silver jewelry beauteous and refulgent.

Gem Stones

               The Red Garnets are the commonly used gemstone reason is "For most of women's with great knowledge they knew about garnet stones" when they think a term about the garnet gem stones always they prefer dark red gem in this kind. Gemstones which is also in different shades surrogate such as green, yellow & Orange. It has color varieties and also this will doesn't consistent with any other transplant gem stones.

               Amethyst is a abundance of quartz, The hard crystalline mineral and base color is violet with irradiation. Amethyst occurs in prominent hues from the light pink violet color to deep purple. Amethyst also has surrogate shades in secondary hue's "Blue" & "Red".

               Mineral Beryl is the source of this gem stone, Gem quality specimens named as "Aquamarine" with color dilation greenish blue to blue that makes the aquamarine regardless of a stone saturation and the range decreases in very light color to form a vibrant color. Most of aquamarine stones are very light color and also its doesn't made in petite size because big size stones that visible in rich look and most popular gem stone. Aquamarine known as "The Color of the Sea".

               Emerald is an variety of the mineral beryl and included with surrogate of materials trapped inside to form into a formation of green emerald. Emerald graded with some parameters such as Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat weight. In the grading color is most important in this criteria and clarity is secondary then transparency consider as top gemstone. Color components divided into three “Hue, Saturation & Tone" and also it known as birth stone.

               The base of Ruby is variety of "Mineral Beryl" that is pink to blood red colored gem stone. Ruby graded with parameters such as Color, Clarity & Cut along with carat weight lesser grade will occurs impact of the quality as well as price. The most valuable shades are Blood red and clear stones command a premium quality but a ruby without needle rutile that indicates the stone has been is treated. Ruby is traditional birthstone for the July born.

               Peridot sometimes it called as chrysolite to form color of green that has to yellow, to yellow green and sometimes lime green. The peridot considered a stone that could provide healing powers such as depression, this is also known as birth stone for January born. Peridot is one of the few gem stones that occurs in one color olive green with intensity & tint of the green. This is rare gem stone with medium dark toned, Pure Green with no secondary yellow hue or brown mask.

               The Most Valuable color of sapphire is a cornflower blue color. Once upon a time sapphire stone is called as "Oriental Emerald”. Sapphire is a variety of mineral corundum this is an precious gemstone. The fancy sapphire stone is typically blue and also occurs in yellow, orange, green & purple and birthstone for September born.

               Rose stone is specimens of mineral quartz and it is a rare color variety of crystalline quartz the most preferable color are pure to purplish pink. Rose Quartz is known as universal love stone. It restores trust in relationship and boost you unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart at all the level to uplift your love, deep inside it feels peace and make you calm & reassuring.