Opal nose stud colorful ball design silver


Code: NOSE463

Material:925 Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Opal

Opal size: 2mm

Thickness: 20G-6mm

Colors: Green, Pink, Rose, White

Length: For Ball End 6mm

Price Per pair


Step into Vibrancy: Opal Nose Stud Colorful Ball Design Silver

A World of Color: Opal Nose Stud Colorful Ball Design
Step into a universe of radiant hues with our Opal Nose Stud, featuring a captivating Colorful Ball Design set within lustrous silver.
This vibrant piece is not just an accessory—it’s an expression of your vivacious personality. Its dynamic opal centerpiece exudes an
array of colors, adding a splash of joy to your everyday style.

A Mosaic of Vibrancy: Colorful Opal Ball Design
The heart of this nose stud is a breathtakingly colorful opal ball, a tribute to nature’s palette. This precious gemstone dazzles with myriad shades,
from sunset oranges to ocean blues, sparking a delightful dance of colors. Every new look offers a fresh burst of colors, making every day an enchanting visual journey.

Purity in Craft: Sterling Silver
Indulge in the timeless appeal of pristine silver. This nose stud showcases the perfect balance between strength and aesthetic appeal.
Each detail has been thoughtfully crafted, offering a durable and elegant piece that perfectly complements your unique style.
More Information
Nose Type Ball End
Gemstone Opal
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
Size 6mm - stem
brand Safasilver
Thickness 20G-6mm
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