Pink opal non piercing nose clip fake nose ring silver


Code: NPNS39

Material:925 Sterling Silver

Gem: 2MM Opal

Weight: 0.14 gram

Price Per Pair


Whimsical Charm: Our Pink Opal Non-Piercing Silver Nose Clip

Effortless Glamour: Pink Opal Non-Piercing Nose Clip Fake Nose Ring Silver
Our Pink Opal Non-Piercing Nose Clip in Silver is the epitome of understated elegance.
Allowing for an immediate style transformation without the commitment of a piercing,
this stunning piece combines the ethereal beauty of pink opal with the timeless appeal of silver.
It promises an instant sparkle that effortlessly enhances your natural charm.

A Symphony of Color: Pink Opal Centerpiece
At the heart of this nose clip sits a mesmerizing pink opal. The gem emanates a gentle, romantic glow,
adding a soft pop of color that complements any skin tone. Each reflection unveils a dance of radiant hues,
injecting a dash of whimsy into your everyday style. Let your individuality shine with the tender vibrancy of this pink opal.

Commitment-Free Style: Non-Piercing Silver Nose Clip
Enjoy the fusion of beauty and convenience with our non-piercing nose clip. The sleek silver design not
only lends durability and elegance but also offers the versatility of painless accessorizing. Expertly crafted,
this piece takes you from day to night, elevating your look at every occasion.
More Information
Weight 0.14 g
Crystal Opal
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
Stone Size 2mm
brand Safasilver
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