Captive bead sterling silver triangle nose hoop rings


Code: NSHP101

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Thickness: 21G (0.8mm)

Size: 8mm,10mm

Finishing: silver

Price for 20 Pcs


Discover Quality and Style with the Captive Bead Triangle Nose Hoop Rings

Modern Elegance: Captive Bead Sterling Silver Triangle Nose Hoop Rings
Step into the realm of modern elegance with the Captive Bead Sterling Silver Triangle Nose Hoop Rings. This sleek nose ring,
characterized by a captivating triangle design, embodies a fusion of style and sophistication. The sterling silver construction
glistens in the light, while the captive bead detail adds a touch of intrigue. Make this your go-to accessory for a chic, contemporary edge.

Unmatched Quality: Sterling Silver Triangular Excellence
The Captive Bead Sterling Silver Triangle Nose Hoop Rings stand as a testament to quality craftsmanship. Composed of sterling silver,
this nose ring offers a polished finish that exudes a timeless appeal. The innovative triangle design, enhanced by the captive bead,
guarantees durability while maintaining a lightweight feel for utmost comfort. This piece is an investment in a stylish accessory that will endure for years.

Distinct Style: Stand Out with Triangular Elegance
The Captive Bead Sterling Silver Triangle Nose Hoop Rings offer a unique style platform to express your individuality. The distinctive triangular
design and captive bead create a captivating visual effect, making this nose ring a statement piece. Wear this nose ring as a symbol of your unique
personality and taste, allowing you to stand out in any crowd with confidence.
More Information
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Box 20 Pcs
Size 10mm
brand Safasilver
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