2mm Flat fire green opal nose stud silver


Item Code: NSOP07

Material: 925 sterling silver

Main Stone: OPAL

Top Size: 2mm

Price Per Pair


Captivate with Brilliance: The Fire Green Opal Nose Stud Silver

Captivating Brilliance: 2mm Flat Fire Green Opal Nose Stud
Experience the epitome of refined allure with the 2mm Flat Fire Green Opal Nose Stud, exquisitely set in silver. This tastefully curated piece elevates
your charm and defines your style. The shimmering fire green opal stands as a sparkling testament to your individuality, radiating a captivating allure
that's impossible to ignore.

Verdant Splendor: Fire Green Opal
The spotlight is on the mesmerizing Fire Green Opal, a gemstone renowned for its striking play of colors. From lush emerald undertones to bursts of vibrant lime,
its brilliance is akin to a lush forest at dawn. Each gaze will reveal a new shade, turning your everyday into an exciting voyage of chromatic discovery.

Crafted Elegance: Silver Excellence
Immerse yourself in the luxurious shine of pristine silver. This nose stud is a display of remarkable silver craftsmanship, marrying resilience with refined aesthetics.
Each contour and detail meticulously crafted, making this nose stud not only visually compelling but also enduringly robust.
More Information
Nose Type Ball End , Straight End
Gemstone Opal
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
Size 2mm Top
brand Safasilver
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