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Are you ready to hoop up your 2021? Wholesale silver hoop earrings collections are the most excellent trending silver jewelry, always in fashion and making a grand comeback. You can select classy and superb designs of artistic sterling silver hoop earrings to adorn your earlobes, with the latest accessory gaining booming fashion popularity.

Hoop earrings origin

Romans, Asians, Greeks, Egyptians, you name it, every ancient culture have used silver hoops for centuries. Silver hoops are considered timeless and genderless pieces from humankind’s cultural and fashion trends, existing from pre-historic ages. Earring hoops have significance in History and culture. Kings and queens in the ancient kingdom manifested their social eminence through this powerful ear jewelry piece, symbolizing unity and wholeness. 

Importance of Hoop earrings

Many confident, beautiful, influential fashion icons have been donning earring hoops, making it a global trend. Our unique sterling silver hoops wholesale collection will give you a distinctive personality, strong character, and individuality against the ever-ending emerging fashion trends. Silver hoops collection can elevate your confidence to the next level and match your style with the trending fashion scenarios. Since earring hoops highlight the face, the wearer is sure to draw attention in a crowd.

Hoop earrings from

We make feathery-light sterling silver hoop earrings bulk, making them comfortable to wear around in your day-to-day life. We produce 925 sterling silver hoop earrings, non-allergic to sensitive skin types while providing incredible durability.

Platings and Finishes

Plating a thin layer of electroplating on the surface of solid silver hoops. Different plated earrings are gold-plated earrings, rose gold plated earrings, rhodium plated earrings, pure silver plated earrings, and oxidized silver earrings finish are available.

Hoop Earrings collection

Plain silver hoopsBali hoopshoop earrings with charms, twisted oval hoops, infinity hoops, cross hoops, and enamel hoops. Enamel multi-colored hoops come in various colors, such as pink, orange, rusty mystic, blood red, and black.


Our designs come in diverse geometric shapes such as triangles, hexagons, squares, rectangles, polygon, and several other unique varieties. Real-life abstract forms such as lightning, half-moon, feather, leaf, and heart shape charms dangle around the ear hoops.

Trending hoop earrings

Dangling big earring hoops also falls under our specialized category of sterling silver hoop earrings. also offers high-quality silver hoops with perfectly cut stones such as those using cubic zirconia, various multi-colored Swarovski crystals, to name a couple of available designs.

Hoop earrings supplier

We are the supplier of silver hoop earrings for wholesalers, retail sellers, and e-commerce sellers in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Join us and buy from our exclusive collections only at We offer free shipping directly from Thailand for orders above $299.

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  1. SKU:SCHE01
    Silver Capri Blue Crystal Dangling Ball Charm Hoop Earrings
    More Information
    Plating Silver
    Metal 925 Silver
    Price Per Pair
    Size 8mm
    Hoop Size 12mm
    brand Safasilver
    Thickness 1.2mm

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