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We are the supplier of premium quality, silver ear climbers, ear pins for wholesalers, resellers, and e-commerce sellers in the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. We directly ship to our customers around the globe—Free International Shipping on order value $299.


Silver climber earrings


Climber earrings are extended ear stud earrings. Silver ear pin ear climbers are versatile pieces of ear jewelry that can be a real eye-grabber if worn and donned the right way. Ear pin ear climbers can be very glitzy and usually offers a sophisticated, feminine look.


Silver ear climber earrings ear crawlers can also be worn in pairs or just on a single ear to give a beautiful and dashing look. If you are an ardent lover of ear jewelry, then silver earrings, ear climbers, and silver ear pins are musts. It could provide you much elevated trendy looks. Silver crawler earrings can also be worn with any hairstyle to impart a statement that helps you stand out from others.


How to wear climber earrings


you need to have only a single piercing to wear ear climbers, not multiple piercings on the earlobes. Wearing a single ear pin can grant you a very distinctive look. Sterling silver ear crawlers can be inserted and swiveled to fix into any earlobe piercing and positioned very quickly. It always gives an added illusion of multiple piercings on the earlobes. Try occasionally spicing up your looks by using a power-packed ear pin instead of using a generic necklace.


Today's Fashion ear climbers


Silver ear climbers give you graceful and straightforward arcs to more elaborate, massive, and show-stopping artistic pieces. Safasilver brings you glorious comebacks into today's fashion with its latest trendy designs of silver ear sweeps. Silver ear pins are timeless pieces of art that you can always treasure.


Ear climber collections


we offer a variety of ear climbers such as flower climber earrings, pave cluster climber earrings, silver beaded climber earrings, flower climber earrings, Bali climber earrings, star ear crawler, plain ear crawler, flower with jeweled climber earrings, plain silver circle climber earrings, pearl design climber earrings, cubic zirconia studded climber earrings, crystal-studded butterfly crawler earrings, multicolored crystal crawler earrings, silver oxidized leaf design crawler earrings and so on for our customers. The finishing can be in a variety of gold or oxidized silver textures.


Safety considerations


we make our jewelry from 925 sterling silver hypoallergenic to sensitive skin types and provides incredible durability. All ear climbers sold are made New and unused.


Wholesale Ear climber and the Ear pin


Buy from the latest wholesale collections of silver ear climbers and silver ear pins. Kindly browse through our fantastic and trendsetting range of wholesale 925 sterling silver climber earrings collections at wholesale prices.


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