Silver Crystal 3 Stone Nose Screw


Code: NSC058

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Thickness: 22G (0.6mm)

Finishing: Silver

Price Per Pair


Silver Crystal 3 Stone Nose Screw: Radiant and Durable

Glimmer in Silver
The Silver Crystal 3 Stone Nose Screw is a radiant addition to any personal jewelry collection.
With its three sparkling crystals embedded in sterling silver, this nose screw offers a glimmering
statement for daily wear or special occasions. The brilliance of the crystals enhances the beauty
of the sterling silver, creating a perfect balance of luster and durability.

Triple the Sparkle
Featuring three meticulously placed crystals, this nose screw provides triple the charm. Each crystal catches
the light at a different angle, resulting in a stunning sparkle that enhances your facial features.
The Silver Crystal 3 Stone Nose Screw is a testament to one's love for unique and attractive accessories.

Assurance of Quality
The Silver Crystal 3 Stone Nose Screw promises quality and longevity. The robustness of the sterling silver,
coupled with the dazzling crystals, ensures the nose screw retains its shine and charm for years to come.
This piece is an investment in style and quality, a perfect accessory for those who value both.
More Information
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
brand Safasilver
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