Silver Star Nose Stud, Crystal Nose Stud


Code: NOSE37

Material :925 Sterling Silver

Body Part :Nose


Length : For Ball End 6mm

Length : For Straight End 9mm

Price Per 20 Piece


Shine Bright with the Crystal Nose Stud

Twinkle with Elegance: Silver Star Nose Stud
Immerse yourself in the elegance of the night sky with our Silver Star Nose Stud. This charming piece mirrors the beauty
of celestial bodies, offering you a dash of stardust in the form of a gleaming silver star. Expertly crafted,
this stud personifies the magical allure of the starlit night, with the silver star symbolizing light,
purity, and aspirations.

Radiate Brilliance: Crystal Nose Stud
Illuminate your look with the brilliance of our Crystal Nose Stud.Its perfectly cut crystal facet reflects a myriad of colors,
producing a captivating sparkle. This stud is more than a pieceof jewelry—it's a statement of personal style and an
embodiment of self-expression. Its radiance enhances your natural beauty and empowers you to shine
with confidence and sophistication.

The Perfect Fusion of Comfort and Glamour
When style meets comfort, you get our Silver Star Crystal Nose Stud. Its thoughtful design ensures it comfortably
fits and feels as good as it looks. The smooth edges and compact size make it a joy to wear throughout
the day without causing any discomfort. This stud is a beautiful blend of durability, style,
and comfort—it's designed to stand the test of time while maintaining
its sparkling allure.

More Information
Weight 1 g
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
brand Safasilver
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