Silver non piercing Square crystal nose clip


Code: NOSE383

Material:925 Sterling Silver

Body Part: Nose

Size : 22G-0.6mm

Price Per 20Piece


Understated Style: Non-Piercing Square Crystal Silver Nose Accessory


Effortless Elegance: Non-Piercing Silver Square Crystal Nose Clip

Presenting the Silver Non-Piercing Square Crystal Nose Clip, a seamless blend of minimalist style and extravagant elegance.

This non-piercing clip boasts a radiant square crystal, set in high-quality silver. For the individual who values sophistication

and comfort, this is your perfect accessory.


Embody Modern Grace: Silver Square Crystal Nose Clip

Step into a world of contemporary grace with our Silver Square Crystal Nose Clip. A glittering square crystal sits in a sleek silver setting,

adding an air of distinguished charm to your ensemble. Non-piercing in design, it allows you to make a statement that embodies your

personal style without any commitment.


Define Your Shine: Square Crystal Nose Accessory

Let your individuality shine with our Silver Non-Piercing Square Crystal Nose Accessory. A sparkling square crystal adorns a chic silver clip,

drawing attention with its understated elegance. Offering comfort without compromising on style, this nose clip lets you define your shine on your terms.

More Information
Weight 0 g
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Box 20 Pcs
Size 22G-0.6mm
brand Safasilver
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