Silver Heart Nose Stud, Dangle Nose Stud


Code: NOSE246

Material :925 Sterling Silver

Body Part :Nose

Size :22G-0.6mm

Length : For Ball End 6mm

Length : For Straight End 9mm

Price Per 20 Piece


Silver Heart Nose Stud: A Symbol of Love and Beauty

Shimmering Elegance: Silver Heart Nose Stud
Step into the limelight with our Silver Heart Nose Stud. Meticulously crafted from premium sterling silver,
this heart-shaped stud radiates a captivating allure. The heart, a universal symbol of love and affection,
mirrors your radiant charm, ensuring you make a bold statement.

Gentle Swing: Dangle Nose Stud
Convey your playful spirit with our Dangle Nose Stud. The delicate swing of the silver heart introduces a lively
dynamic to your style, adding a hint of fun and excitement to your day. It's not just a nose stud; it's an
expression of your vivacious personality.

Lovely Lustre: Silver Dangle Nose Stud
Experience the perfect blend of elegance and style with our Silver Dangle Nose Stud. As the silver heart swings gently
with every move you make, it captures attention and sparks interest. It's more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a
celebration of your unique beauty and grace.

More Information
Weight 1 g
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
brand Safasilver
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