Oxidized Bali Nose Hoops silver


Code: NSHP48

Material :925 Sterling Silver

Thickness : 22 G (0.6 mm)

Size :10 MM

Finishing : Oxidized Silver

Price for 20 Pcs


Harmony in Style: Oxidized Bali Nose Hoops

The Allure of Oxidization
Revel in the mysterious charm of the Oxidized Bali Nose Hoops Silver. The oxidization process bestows a unique,
aged look on the silver, enhancing its character and creating an intriguing contrast with its natural sheen.
This unique feature exudes an aura of antiquity, making this nose hoop the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern fashion.

Bali - The Epitome of Exoticism
Experience the exotic appeal of Bali with our Bali Nose Hoops. Named after the enchanting Indonesian island renowned
for its artistic richness, these hoops capture the spirit of the tropical paradise. Their intricate design and stunning
detail embody the cultural depth of Bali, bringing its vibrant spirit to your everyday style.

Hoops of Harmony
Hoops signify wholeness and harmony in many cultures around the world. This Oxidized Bali Nose Hoop, with its circular shape,
speaks to this symbolism, creating a sense of balance and unity. Not only a fashion accessory, this piece also lets you express
your personality and spiritual beliefs in a stylish, subtle manner.

More Information
Weight 0.3 g
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Box 20 Pcs
brand Safasilver
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