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Oxidized Silver Nose Ring Supplier


In this collection of oxidized nose studs, the 925 sterling silver is given an oxidized treatment (purposely blackened through exposure to oxygen). The jewelry has an antique look to it.


Simple motif designs offered in silver oxidized nose studs include peace symbol, silver star, Celtic knot, dotted triangle, silver spiral round, Celtic star, pentagram, love heart, silver cone, and evil eye, to name a few.


The leaf designs in oxidized silver nose pin feature unique and very detailed designs such as the oxidized marijuana leaf, oxidized silverweed leaf, oxidized thick leaf, oxidized single leaf, and a variety of hanging leaf designs. safasilver.com offers several variations in floral designs with an oxidized finish.


Yet another category of oxidized 925 sterling silver nose studs are the ones carrying detailed animal motifs such as elephant nose studs, crab nose studs, bee nose stud, turtle design nose stud, spider nose stud wild owl, and owl eye nose studs. The detailing on these tiny pieces shows great craftsmanship.


We supply oxidized silver nose rings to wholesalers, resellers, e-commerce sellers, and retail shop owners worldwide. 5% discount for new customers.


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