Butterfly nose stud silver oxidized 20G (0.6mm)


Code: NOSE140

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Body Part: Nose

Thickness: 20G (0.6mm)

Length: Straight End 9mm / Ball End 6mm

Finish: Oxidized

Price Per 20 Piece


Oxidized Silver Butterfly Nose Stud: Detail in Every Flight

Embrace Your Transformation: Butterfly Nose Stud
Transform your look with our silver oxidized Butterfly Nose Stud. Designed to evoke the grace and beauty of a butterfly,
this unique piece encourages you to embrace your transformation and own your individuality. The oxidized silver
butterfly perches delicately on a 20G (0.6mm) stud, marrying boldness and fragility in a beautiful symphony.

Elegance in Flight: Oxidized Silver 20G Nose Stud
Enhance your everyday style with the subtle allure of our Oxidized Silver Butterfly Nose Stud. The 20G stud ensures a
comfortable fit while the detailed oxidized silver butterfly design lends a touch of whimsy to your visage. Every
minute detail reflects a fluttering butterfly in flight, a nod to nature's elegance.

The Spirit of Resilience: 0.6mm Butterfly Nose Stud
Celebrate the resilience within you with our 0.6mm Butterfly Nose Stud. This oxidized silver stud, featuring a meticulously crafted butterfly,
symbolizes the spirit of resilience and transformation. A perfect piece to add an air of sophistication and personal strength to your jewelry collection.
More Information
Nose Type Ball End , Straight End
Plating Oxidized
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Box 20 Pcs
Size Straight End 9mm / Ball End 6mm
brand Safasilver
Thickness 20G-0.6mm
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