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Bulk Buy wholesale Shiva eye shell pendants from Trusted Thailand Supplier We offer 100s of designs in Shiva eye shell pendant collections.

If you search for Shiva shell pendants in exclusive and unique designs, you have reached the right place. Safasilver is one of the reputed jewelry wholesalers in Thailand who supplies worldwide. 

What are Shiva Eye shells?

These Shiva Eye Shell gemstones open the Third Eye Chakra that helps transform negative energy into positive energy in spiritual terms. Therefore, it is considered significant divination that helps find a new path in life. 

     ●   Shiva eye shell is commonly known as Pacific cats eye

     ●   Many people also say that the symbol of Shiva Eye indicates creation, destruction, and preservation in all the different flows of life. 

     ●   It is said to always keep the Shiva shell beside you to make the best use of their benefits. Pendants are one of the widely used styles to utilize the Shiva eye shells. 

     ●   A mollusk is said to withdraw into its shell and show off its ‘eye’ on the shell to ward off the attacker.

     ●   Some also believe that wearing the Shiva eye shell stone pendants can bring wealth and prosperity. For this reason, some people also like to refer to it as mermaid money. 

     ●   People also like to purchase these Shiva shell pendants because wearing is believed to protect us from evil. 

Safasilver’s Popular Shiva Shell Pendants

Three round pendants, 8 Shiva shell pendants, chakra pendants, flower pendants, dream catcher pendants, kitty eye design pendants, nautilus shell pendants, Celtic star pendants, fishbone pendants, owl pendants, etc.

These are some of the popular designs of Shiva Eye gemstone pendants. To explore all the variety of Shiva shell pendants we offer, visit our page now. 

Wholesale Shiva Eye Shell Pendants

     ●   Purchasing wholesale Shiva eye shell pendants is one of the most convenient ways to stock up your shelves. You need not have to travel to several places in search of different designs and to negotiate prices. While purchasing wholesale, you will get everything under one roof at reasonable prices. As a retailer, you only need to place your order, and the products will be delivered to your doorstep. 

     ●   A retailer must be able to pick up stocks at lower prices to provide a steady turnover. For example, Safasilver as a reputed jewelry wholesaler in Thailand, helps you purchase high-quality 925 sterling silver Shiva eye shell jewelry at affordable prices. Therefore, when you buy in bulk, you will gain a huge profit for your business.

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