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Shiva Eye Shell Pendant Necklaces Wholesale


Buy Shiva eye shell pendant necklaces wholesale at reasonable prices now. Explore our collection of high-quality 925 sterling silver Shiva eye shell pendants.


What are Shiva eye shell Gemstones? 


Shiva eye gemstones, a.k.a Pacific Cat’s Eye, are the shells of the Turban snail. These shells detach at the end of the snail’s life. There is a swirling pattern found on its shell, and it is believed to represent the third eye of Shiva.


Why Do You Wear Shiva Eye Shell Pendant Necklaces?


According to the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva is known as a destroyer and a transformer. Wearing a Shiva Eye shell pendant necklace is believed to sharpen the intuition of the wearer. This stone of wisdom is believed to deepen the understanding. There is a belief that wearing the Shiva Eye shell pendants can protect the wearer against evil eyes. It is believed that the “Third Eye of Shiva” represents knowledge and wisdom.


Popular Designs of Shiva Eye Shell Pendant Necklaces


Shiva eye triple charm necklace, round Shiva eye necklace, black, and white Shiva eye necklace, etc. Wearing these Shiva eye shell jewelry pieces helps express your individuality.


These are some of the people’s favorites from the wide collection of our 925 sterling silver Shiva eye shell pendants. These beautiful Shiva eye shell jewelry help strengthen the optimistic energies.


Wholesale Shiva Eye Shell Pendant Necklaces


Once you start purchasing wholesale, there is no turning back. There are numerous benefits of purchasing Shiva eye shell stone necklaces wholesale. The foremost benefit is the hassle-free services. You will need to pay once to place your bulk orders and get your products delivered to your doorstep.


Another great advantage is the variety of options. As a retailer, it is important to stock up on all the latest trends. When purchasing from a wholesaler, you can avoid all the hassles. You can find various styles of Shiva eye shell gemstones under one roof.


You can either select one product and buy in large quantities or buy assorted products in bulk. Either way, you will get to save money while purchasing from Safasilver as we offer bulk discounts and free shipping on orders above $299.


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