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Are you ready to dangle your ear lobes with an exciting piece of gorgeous silver earrings? Then Safasilver is the best choice. You can always gift yourself or your female counterparts with this fascinating piece of silver earrings for them to treasure in their accessory wardrobe. Always remember we offer you dangling and dazzling 925 silver earrings wholesale at Safasilver shipped directly from our Thailand factory.

Sterling silver earrings Origin

Silver has been part of some of the great civilizations in the past, and so are silver earrings made from this precious metal. In ancient times silver earrings had great value and were generally considered a very highly praised possession. Valued at only half or one-third the price of gold, silver is a more affordable option than either gold or platinum. Additionally, the sleek and graceful feel of fine silver jewelry makes it a more appropriate accessory for work and school. The modern generation loves sterling silver earrings and easy to find and affordable compared to other expensive metals.

Why silver earnings must?

Not only is a 925 sterling silver jewelry perfect for formal events such as festivals but elegant designs are perfect for daily wear and can elevate any outfit. Lately, Sterling silver earrings have come in a wide array of styles and designs that falls perfectly in all kinds of price ranges. Hence the options are limitless for the modern fashionista.


Be it a traditional get-together, birthday, or casual party. We have perfect earrings for all types of occasions at You can find dainty dangling pairs of gorgeous silver earrings that perfectly match your personality and sense of style and can make you stand out fashionably. Best choice for Sterling silver earrings

At, you can find a massive collection of adorable and eclectic pieces of 925 sterling silver earrings wholesale. It means that all our jewelry is hypo-allergic and will not cause any skin reactions in the form of irritation or rashes. Therefore, it is safe for sensitive skin.


These dainty pieces come in various closure options such as hoops, hooks, lever, and many more. The closure element's length is designed not to cause any discomfort to the wearer. has strived to have a diverse collection of overall designs, shapes, patterns, and sizes. 

Silver earrings collections

Plain silver earringsCZ earringsSemi-precious earringsShiva eye earringsCrystal earringsand Pearl earrings. Colorful earrings are gold-plated earrings, rose gold-plated earrings, oxidized silver earrings, and enamel earrings. Dangling earrings like freshwater pearl dangling earrings, Leaf and feather hoop dangling earrings are available.


Dainty silver earrings with stones like Blue sapphire, mystic sapphire, aqua sapphire, gorgeous amethyst, and white cubic zirconia silver earrings are currently available. Semiprecious gemstones like Peridot earrings, garnet earrings, citrine earrings, and aquamarine earrings, etc. For more details on the latest collection, please check the New arrivals.

Supplier of wholesale sterling silver earrings is the right place to buy your sterling silver earrings at wholesale price, Free shipping on 299$. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this piece of handcrafted silver earrings for your customers.

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