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Purchase from the top Shiva eye shell rings wholesale manufacturer, Safasilver. We offer 925 sterling silver shiva jewelry at reasonable prices with bulk discounts. 

Shiva eye shell, also known as Pacific Cat’s Eye, is a natural gemstone with a mother nature pattern. These can usually be found in the waters of Thailand and Indonesia. 

        ●    It usually has a whitish background with a beautiful swirl on the snail’s shell. Each of the patterns may look similar, but it comes with a slight difference. The Shiva eye shells come in multiple colors depending on the snail’s diet. This protective door found at Turban Snail’s shell detaches and sinks to the seabed at the end of the snail’s natural life. 

        ●    Many Hindus worship Lord Shiva, and he is known for the power of his third eye. It is found on the middle of the god’s forehead. It is where the name ‘Shiva eye’ was derived. These 925 sterling silver Shiva eye shell rings are worn as a protective piece of jewelry. Many have also used Shiva shell jewelry to increase their intuition and expand their vision. 

        ●    Many Hindus worship Lord Shiva and the third eye in the middle of the god’s forehead. Wearing the Shiva shell jewelry is known to open eyes and provide divine powers to those who seek it. 

We offer different styles of Shiva eye shell rings 

        ●    Heart ring, hamsa hand ring, turtle ring, third eye-ring, clover ring, butterfly ring, big flower ring, blue eye-ring, owl ring, etc. 

        ●    These are some of the sought-after Shiva eye shell rings wholesale available at Safasilver. 

Advantages of Purchasing Shiva Eye Shell Rings Wholesale

        ●    Safasilver is a leading manufacturer and a wholesaler supplier in Thailand. Hence as a retailer, if you purchase from us in bulk, you will get to save a whole lot of money. 

        ●    As a small business, you may have to constantly search for innovative ways to make your business a success. While you are purchasing 925 sterling silver Shiva eye rings wholesale, you can explore the latest and trending jewelry pieces. It is the right way to upgrade your small business. Therefore, it is always advised to purchase from wholesalers because you will stay ahead of the competition. 

        ●    Another great reason to purchase from wholesalers like us is that there is no middle person. You are not paying for them separately as well. It is just you and us; therefore you can have a better idea about the quality and distribution of the products directly.


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