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         ●    Wholesale 925 sterling silver semi-precious stone rings from a top silver jewelry manufacturer. Also, find collections in Semiprecious stone rings and opal rings.

         ●    There are two different categories of stones, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. If you are in the jewelry industry, you might be familiar with the differentiation between these terms. If not, here we are to give you a clear explanation.

The Difference Between Precious Stones and Semi-precious Stones

The differentiation depends on the value and rarity of the gemstones. 

Precious Stones

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald are known as precious stones. Sometimes, opal, jade, and pearl are also considered precious stones. 

Semi-precious Stones

These are the other gemstones that do not fall under the category of “precious stones.” Some semi-precious gemstones include amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, turquoise, tiger’s-eye, jade, malachite, etc. 

Some people assume the “precious stones” to be more valuable, rarer, and desirable than “semi-precious stones.” But, it is a misconception as many semi-precious gemstones are much higher in value, rarity, price, and beauty. 

Sterling Silver Opal Rings wholesale

we offer lab-created opal rings, commonly known as synthetic opals rings. These synthetic opals look similar to genuine opal, but in reality, synthetic opal is more durable and robust when compared to genuine opal. Sterling Silver Opal gemstone rings wholesale are gaining more popularity in the jewelry market.

Popular Designs of Semi-precious Stones in Safasilver

         ●    Some semi-precious stone rings you can find in Safasilver include sapphire, garnet, topaz, peridot, opal, emerald, etc. We also offer mixed-color fancy rings and semi-precious gems with CZ stone rings. 

         ●    Semi-precious rings represent social value hence gifted as engagement rings and wedding rings in modern societies.

         ●    You can also get multiple colors of natural opal jewelry pieces at Safasilver.

Wholesale Semi-precious Stone Rings

         ●    Purchasing wholesale is a win-win situation for both the manufacturers and the retailers. Wholesaling is considered an essential step in taking your business to the next level. 

         ●    To attract more customers and maintain your steady customer base, you will always need to have enough goods. Insufficient stock may lead to customer’s disappointment. If you do not want that to happen, you may purchase this stunning 925 sterling silver semi-precious gemstone rings wholesale. 

         ●    The main aim of the wholesale suppliers is to serve the trade. Therefore, you can purchase these beautiful semi-precious stone rings at a lower cost so that you can pass the savings on to the development of your business.


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