Shiva Eye Stud Earrings

Wholesale Shiva Eye Shell stud earrings

     ●  Bulk Buy Shiva eye shell stud earrings at wholesale price from silver jewelry manufacturer. Please choose the best design for your customer from our collection.

     ●  People are obsessing over Shiva eye shell gemstone earrings recently. If you also want to add these into your shell jewelry collection, Safasilver is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of silver Shiva eye shell stud earrings at factory prices.

What is Shiva Eye Shell?

     ●   Shiva's eye shell is also referred to as Pacific Cat’s Eye. Usually, these Shiva eye shell gemstones are embellished in 925 sterling silver to make beautiful silver stud earrings. It has a white background with a spiral on it, a blend of different colors such as brown, red, green, and orange. 

     ●   The spiral pattern is believed to resemble an eye that indicates the constant change in all life flows. Hence it is popular styles that people like to wear these Shiva eye shells gemstone as ear studs.

     ●   It also indicates the third eye, which is believed to represent knowledge and wisdom. Wearing these is said to bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity. 

     ●   You can find the most popular seashell jewelry in our store that you must have in your jewelry collection as a retailer. 

Safasilver’s Popular Collection of Shiva Eye Shell Ear Studs 

     ●  We provide different Shapes of Shiva eye shell stud earrings- Round, heart, teardrop, oval, third-eye, square, flower. 

     ●  We also offer different Shiva eye shell stud earrings, such as Shiva eye earrings with crystals, drop dangle Shiva eye earrings, Shiva eye turtle ear studs, etc. 

Wholesale Shiva Eye Shell Ear Stud Earrings

     ●  As a retailer, when you buy at Safasilver, you will have the opportunity to explore various wholesale silver Shiva eye shell ear studs. We offer these at wholesale prices with bulk discounts. We will also provide free shipping on orders above $299. So, a retailer will save money and browse wholesale Shiva eye shells ar studs in one place. 

     ●  We focus on offering our clients the best prices in the market and ensuring to offer high-quality items. Since most items come directly from jewelry wholesalers, you will get the premium wholesale Shiva eye shell stud earrings.

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