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Buy these gorgeous cubic zirconia ear studs from We offer a stunning collection of CZ stud earrings wholesale at low prices with discounts.

What Are the Styles of Cubic Zirconia Earrings We Offer? 

We offer all basic handmade cubic zirconia stud earrings with different shapes, sizes, colors, and settings.

          ●    Cubic Zirconia stone shapes available: Round, Square, Star, Heart, Oval, Drop, and Triangle.

          ●    Cubic zirconia stone colors available: Clear, Black, AB, Pink, Orange, Garnet, Amethyst, Violet, Sapphire, Aqua, Peridot, etc. Unique colors like Citrine are also available.

          ●    Cubic zirconia stone size available from tiny 1.5mm up to 12mm we have a stone.

          ●    Cubic Zirconia stone Quality: Basic quality we use for our jewelry starts from AAA+ quality. For customers who require very high-quality, 5A+ are made for custom orders.

          ●    Handmade Cubic Zirconia Stud earrings come with different claw settings: 3 claw settings, four claw settings, five claw settings, Basket settings, and Basel settings.

          ●    Plating/finishing options: 1) Gold Plating, 2) Rose Gold plating, 3) Rhodium Plating, 4) E-coating on customer request, 5) Enamel Painting on customer request, 6) Pure Silver Plating on customer request.

          ●    Motif CZ earrings: CZ snake studs, pearl ear studs with CZ stones, owl ear studs, butterfly ear studs, evil eye ear studs, bumblebee ear studs, crown ear studs, silver wheel studs, three-leaf ear studs, flower ear studs, opal ear studs with CZ stones, etc. 

These are some of the earrings from our magnificent collection of CZ earrings. These are lightweight, comfortable, easier to manage, and look gorgeous. We have a vast array of wholesale cubic zirconia stud earrings for people to explore and buy. 

Buying Wholesale CZ Stud Earrings in Bulk

          ●    The ever-increasing demand for cubic zirconia stud earrings is quite unbelievable. People love these cubic zirconia stud earrings because they accentuate one’s look. The booming market for these 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings would help start-businesses profit a lot. 

          ●    If you want to stock up your shelves with an extensive unique collection of jewelry, buying wholesale is the best thing to do. We are always on the production of the latest trend jewelry collection that lets you meet the demand. 

          ●    As a start-up firm, you might have to manage and deal with many things at one time. Buying wholesale cubic zirconia stud earrings not only helps save money but a whole lot of your energy and time.

          ●    Nowadays, people take pride in using these CZ stud earrings to look luxurious, rich, and lush. The stunning cubic zirconia earrings almost look like natural diamonds, but these are inexpensive. If you manage to buy and store these 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings in bulk, you will avoid the disappointment of your customers. 

          ●    Investing in buying a vast collection of high-quality CZ stud earrings does not come cheap. You may have to pay more than you have planned. A wise business person might buy wholesale 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings from a qualified and reputed source to avoid this problem. This way, a start-up jewelry business can benefit from the offers and discounts that come along.

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