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Wholesale Nose Jewelry

Buy wholesale nose studs, nose rings, and other silver nose jewelry from an exotic collection only at safasilver.com. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices for our valued customers.

Nose piercing origin 

Nose piercing is part of body piercing that has been in tradition for more than 4000 years. Although it originated in the Middle East since then, Practiced throughout several South Asian countries. Moreover, in traditional medical practices such as Ayurveda, nose piercings were also associated with women's health benefits.

Why nose jewelry? 

Towards the late 20th century, Body jewelry has evolved to become a statement piece of punk culture in Western countries. Nose piercing jewelry has become an integral part of women’s nose accessories that impart elegance and charm in the modern world. However, nose jewelry has grown from simply being a women’s accessory, and today it is common among men to wear this piece of fashion as a statement.

Nose ring Collections 

Safasilver.com has an exclusive range of wholesale nose rings and nose studs to choose from, such as CZ Nose Stud,  Crystal Nose Stud,  Pearl Nose Studs,  Plain Nose Stud,  Oxidized Nose Stud,  Opal Nose Studs/HoopsNose Hoops,  Nose Screw,  Enamel Nose StudNose Septum,  Logo Nose Studs,  Non-Piercing Nose.

Safasilver.com also offers outstanding nose jewelry collections in 9K and 14K gold plated nose rings to our esteemed customers. Additionally, the studs can either be nose bone or nose pin. Further, wholesale nose hoops also have different diameters, gauges, and closures. Silver nose stud is a timeless piece of art that you can always treasure.

Why Nose jewelry from Safasilver.com?

Each piece of sterling silver nose jewelry is designed and crafted on safasilver.com by keeping both the traditional roots and contemporary significance in mind. Our sterling silver nose rings and nose studs come in various designs and styles for the beautiful, graceful, and confident women of today. Our jewelry is hypoallergenic to sensitive skin types and has incredible durability.

The finish can be in a variety of plated gold nose studs and rose gold nose rings. Rhodium-plated and oxidized silver nose studs are also available in our collections. We have all the famous and unique collections of 925 silver nose jewelry for current and future fashion trends. Our shaped nose studs and nose rings include various south Asian designs, especially in floral, animal, and different geometrical patterns.

We also offer unique Indian nose rings and nose screws to grant a timeless elegance to your overall appearance. Safasilver.com also covers non-piercing, nose rings, and nose septum for customers interested in non-piercing jewelry. Be it traditional opulence or modern chic. We have something for everyone at safasilver.com.

Safasilver online supplier of wholesale silver nose jewelry

We invite you to browse through our extensive collection of wholesale silver nose jewelry, regularly updated with fresh and trendy designs. We do take bulk wholesale orders directly from our customers at Thailand factory prices.

Elevate Your Style with Our Exquisite Nose Piercing Jewelry

Step up your fashion game and make an unforgettable impression with our curated selection of nose piercing jewelry. Whether you're new to the piercing scene or a seasoned enthusiast, our collection offers unparalleled variety and quality. Here's why you absolutely must not miss out.

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