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Crystal Nose Ring | Crystal Nose Stud


Buy crystal nose ring collections at wholesale price from for your customers, we manufacture high-quality Preciosa crystal top silver nose rings. Preciosa crystal nose bones are the most common nostril piercing jewelry throughout the European continent.


Handmade nose jewelry is famous in Thailand, Offcourse all our crystal nose rings are handmade in nature, the crystal top nose studs come in prong settings and glue settings depending upon the design. Some pieces carry just a single premium crystal while others are affixed with a set of crystals, such as the five crystal nose stud, crystal cross nose stud, and many more.


Preciosa crystals come in a large variety of colors and sizes, few colors to mention are birthstone colors, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, fuchsia, light siam, peridot, sapphire, and black. The crystal size varies from 1 mm to 3 mm. The crystal nose bone has a stem thickness of 22G and 6mm in length, while the crystal nose pin has a stem thickness of 24G and 9 mm in length.


All our crystal nose studs are new and unused, made from genuine 925 sterling silver free from lead and nickel alloy, safe for nose piercings.


Every Day with Crystal Tiny Nose Stud

Premium Craftsmanship for Lasting Brilliance Invest in crystal nose stud tiny nose studs that redefine luxury. Meticulously crafted, each piece boasts high-quality crystals set in durable materials like sterling silver or surgical steel. Light up any room with a radiant glow that never dulls.



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  1. SKU:NOSE74
    925 Sterling silver crystal cross nose pin
    More Information
    Plating Silver
    Metal 925 Silver
    Price Per Pair
    Size 22G-0.6mm ,9mm L
    Stone Size 1.5mm
    brand Safasilver

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