Silver non piercing 3 crystal nose clip


Code: NPNS20

Material:925 Sterling Silver

Body Part: Nose

Size : 22G-0.6mm

Price Per 20Piece


Stylish Brilliance: Non-Piercing Silver 3-Crystal Nose Clip


Captivate with Clarity: Non-Piercing Silver 3-Crystal Nose Clip

Introducing the Silver Non-Piercing 3-Crystal Nose Clip, where captivating design meets simplicity. Embedded in top-notch silver

are three clear crystals, amplifying the brilliance of this accessory. This nose clip is perfect for individuals who are unafraid

to command attention while appreciating comfort and effortless style.


Subtle Sophistication: Triple Crystal Nose Clip

Elevate your style quotient with our Silver Triple Crystal Nose Clip. Three luminous crystals nestled in a silver clip contribute to a refined

charm that's hard to ignore. Non-piercing in design, this accessory allows you to express your unique style without compromise.


Magnificent Minimalism: Silver 3-Crystal Nose Accessory

Dare to dazzle with our Silver Non-Piercing 3-Crystal Nose Accessory. This piece, featuring three radiant crystals on a streamlined silver clip,

is a testament to modern minimalism. Comfortable and chic, this nose clip gives you the liberty to shine on your own terms.

More Information
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Box 20 Pcs
brand Safasilver
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