Tired of hearing jewelry pieces do not look formal for office wear? Then, it is time to change it. In fact, wearing the right accessories will make you look more attractive and presentable. If you know the trick of choosing the perfect jewelry piece for the outfit, it can also boost your courage and confidence.

Men and women in the workplace use simple, sober, and appealing designs in jewelry these days to add some X factor but in a classy manner. Because gold is always a pricey option, silver becomes a very good, affordable, and appealing alternative. Listed below are some jewelry pieces that undoubtedly make you seem respectable and appealing at work. When you buy silver jewelry online, you will have the choice of selecting from a broad range of designs suitable for formal office wear.

It is not an easy task to select accessories for office use. You may need to look for jewelry pieces that suit your formal look as well as add a little personality. Firstly, start with analyzing your work environment. Is this a conventional or progressive office? Also, look for what your coworkers are wearing? Wear simple and modest jewelry items that do not seem too extravagant to create much commotion in a conventional working setting. If you work in a dynamic office, you can play around with statement jewelry that is non-flashy.

This list contains 5 different jewelry styles that are minimal, comfortable, low-maintenance, and help you work without any hassle.

Nose Studs

When it comes to dressing up for the office, they say that the focus should be on you and not what you wear. Therefore, say a big no to flashy and dangling jewelry pieces. Nose studs look simple yet versatile, hence are perfect for professional use.

Heart-shaped nose studs

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If you want to keep your jewelry style lightweight and elegant, these heart-shaped nose studs are the popular choice. This comfortable jewelry piece makes things subtle to create a good impression. Many people opt for these as minimal daily wear jewelry that makes you stand out as an individual.

Non-pierced Oxidised Leaf Nose Rings

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These may also look for formal functions or corporate parties. Nose studs are one jewelry style that will make you look professional as well as stylish. Wearing this can elevate your overall look and add a little glamour to your outfit.

Five Crystal Line Nose Studs

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Wearing these five crystal nose studs add sparkle to your simple dress. It can greatly complement your dress and uplift your look to make you feel confident. Another excellent thing about crystal nose studs is that they are great for informal and casual occasions as well. It is a quirky piece of jewelry for those who love experimenting.

Pendant Set

If you are confused with pairing jewelry perfectly, a pendant set is a perfect choice. It also includes a matching pair of earrings. It may be worn as a set, mixed and matched, or worn separately. It gives off a smart and chic look for a professional look. In a formal setting like an office, you would want to choose jewelry pieces that go well with your formals or smart casuals. These pendant sets keep you comfortable for a 9 to 5 job.

Horseshoe Pendant Set

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These quirky pendant sets are statement pieces that help define your identity. It is an ideal option for a high level of professionalism. This pendant set will not only complement your styles but also make you feel more at ease.

Opal Pendant Set with CZ Stones

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This opal pendant set is the perfect one for smart casuals. If you want to express your individuality, this opal pendant set is the perfect solution. Opals are a great way to add sophistication and elegance to your outfit. For a more casual appearance, try out this opal pendant set with CZ stones.

Silver Wings Pendant Set

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This type of jewelry complements a wide range of dresses and outfits. They appear to be really stunning and elegant. If you want to keep stuff basic, this pendant set may suffice. If you want to add extra beauty to your outfit, you can also wear simple bangles without making it too much. The true style lies in pairing your jewelry set the right way. You cannot wear something overwhelming or disturbing, therefore this pendant set would be mild and balanced.

Silver Rings

If you are a working woman working in the corporate world, choosing the right ring can make a difference to your professional look. However, you need to keep in mind the style quotient as well as the office appropriateness. Choosing a simple yet elegant ring allows you to be on-trend. Now, you can carry off your desired look effortlessly.

Paw Silver Ring

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Are you a dog lover who wants something that will always keep you reminded of your pet? You may choose these paw silver rings. This quirky piece of jewelry looks subtle yet impressive. Though the paw silver ring sounds informal, its structure and design create more of a minimal appearance. It is also a subtle way to express your inner self.

Silver Lightning Bolt Ring

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This lightning bolt ring can also be worn as an indication of who you are. It explains that you are quick, booming, and powerful as a thunderstorm. Wearing this for sure gives you the boss lady mindset. One may also wear it for this presentation or a meeting to project a cool and contemporary look. It is also a great way to express your fashion quotient in a professional manner. They radiate confidence and help carry yourself effortlessly. Another great part about this ring is that it is neutral enough to go with any style of outfit. This lightning ring can be inspiring and likely to help you grow in the organization.

Gold-plated Butterfly Ring

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For those who have a penchant for gold-plated jewelry pieces, this gold-plated butterfly ring is the perfect option. This ring is designed to have the charm of nature that can go pretty well with formal outfits. For sure, this piece deserves an undeniable position in your office jewelry collection. This gold-plated butterfly ring is an absolute class to wear.


If you are relatively new to the concept of office bracelets in this corporate culture, you may struggle to select the right one. We all want to dress up and make every working day special. You spend most of your time at work. Indeed it is essential to wear rings with an air of grace and professionalism. For working women, selecting work-appropriate jewelry is significant. These bracelets for women allow you to express yourself without going overboard.

Shiva Eye Bracelet

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Traditionally, wearing a Shiva eye bracelet is believed to ward off evil eyes. If you believe in tradition and the ancient culture, you can opt for these Shiva eye bracelets that help you stay away from negativity. If not, you may also get this bracelet to fit into the trend.

Silver Beads Bracelet

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Do you live a busy life where you do not have time to take care of your appearance? It is when the silver beads bracelet comes to the rescue. Wearing this gives a bit of a bold and yet elegant finish. This piece can definitely add a fashionista look to your outfit. It is the best way to look distinct and unique in your own way.

Infinity Symbol Bracelet

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The ‘eternity’ or ‘infinity’ symbols are mostly chosen to express one's bond with their loved one as it symbolizes affection and endearment forever. To stay connected with your loved one even in a busy schedule, you can choose this infinity symbol bracelet.


Earrings are an important item to accentuate your workplace image. It is the most understated and comfy jewelry for the workplace and everyday use that quickly elevates your appearance.

Star and Moon Stud Earrings

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This earring features a star and a moon. It is an ideal piece of jewelry to upgrade your professional look. If you want to carry off a little bit of a sparkly and radiant look, these star and moon stud earrings can work well without going overboard. It is such a welcoming earring piece that could easily be one of your favorite picks.

Snake stud earrings

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Are you tired of the monotonous work routine? Get these snake stud earrings now to break the monotony and flaunt your weekend office parties. Add these snake stud earrings to your office jewelry collection and upgrade your style. It is definitely one way to stand out from the crowd.

Pineapple Hoop Earrings

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They say, ‘stand tall like a pineapple.’ Better get these pineapple hoop earrings instead. We certainly do not want to wear heavily designed outfits to our office. Instead, you can wear quirky and fashionable accessories to balance a bored and dull look. It is when these pineapple hoop earrings come to the rescue. These earrings are beautiful, classy, and when incorporated with the right outfit and accessories, they will make you stylish as well as office-appropriate.

The goal is to flaunt some style and flair while remaining mindful of professional ethics. Instead of considering a variety of styles, concentrate on a few specific pieces and experiment with them. Although it is true that your knowledge is more important than your looks in order for you to succeed, adding a dash of style to your already amazing mind harms none. A well-groomed and fashionable individual also appears more confident than one who is disorganized and sloppy. Therefore, get your office jewelry collection customized now according to your style with Safasilver. We have a smart collection of charismatic and elegant jewelry pieces that suit every office-going woman.