Are you an aspiring jewelry maker? Or someone who wants to DIY your own jewelry pieces that suit your style. Then earring hooks are something that you must have. Especially if you are a person who loves dangling earrings and want to design your own dangles, you must be aware of all different varieties of earring findings. Today, we will discuss the various types of earring hooks you must have to create your own fashion statement.

What is actually a dangle earring? These types of earrings are usually suspended from the ear lobe with a wire or a chain. Now, imagine you plan to create the style of earrings you have in your mind. As a designer, you must have all the earring-making supplies including the earring wires. They play an important role in the making of dangling earrings. This guide will help understand the different earring hooks types.

Marquise/ V-wire Ear Hooks

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What are V-wire Earrings Findings?

The v-wires or Marquise is a popular earring finding which is quite larger than standard hook shape wires. These long hook silver findings are usually preferred to support heavier dangles. As the name suggests, the V-wires are shaped like a “V” with a pointed tip. 


What is the purpose of these V-wire Earrings Findings?

These long hook earring findings are perfect for dangling earrings. Long hook ear wires are commonly used with long hook earrings. These round ear wire hook earrings feature a large front loop to take in huge charms and links. The design of the outspread arch allows you to add the front bead embellishments. If you want to try out trendy and out-of-the-box jewelry work, these long hook earring wires can be used. They can accommodate multiple embellishments all at once. 


Fishhook/French Hook/Shepherd Hooks


Fishhook earrings are also known as French hook, Fishhook, or Shepherd hooks. Its name is in no way related to the place of origin. Yes, it does not come from France. However, its exact origin is still unclear. The Fishhook earring wires are made out of an arched wire with a stud base at the bottom for the earring wires. The sterling silver fish hook ear wires are many variations available in this style. These French earring hooks are used with dangles/drop earrings as they are designed to carry heavier embellishments.

Fish Hook Earring Findings with a Stud Base


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It is one of the popular styles of earring finds with which it is easy to add any accessories. This type of French earring hook is easy to wear with just a slip on your earlobe. With the help of the stud base attached at the end of the Shepherd hook, it is easy to add other adornments. 


Plain and Simple Fish Hook Earring Hooks


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It is one of the commonly used ear hooks for drop earrings. These heavy-duty Shepherd Hooks are designed to slip through the pierced ear and hang in place. Now you can craft your jewelry pieces the way you like with these plain and simple fish hook earring findings. 


Long Elegant Fish Hook Earring Hooks


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These long elegant fish hook wires are great for trying out bold and daring jewelry pieces. Low-grade products French hook earrings can easily break and can totally ruin your customized design. Take your time to figure out the quality of the ear wires before purchasing. Take your time to figure out the quality of the ear wires before purchasing. 


Fish Hook Ear wires with Beads


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It is the most popular style of fish hook earring wires. These fish hook ear wires are affordable and versatile to use in various jewelry designs. The French hook earring wires are ideally designed for dangling earrings; hence come with a ball and spring covering to handle easily. You can find both tall and short shepherd hooks to use according to your designs. You can find both tall and short shepherd hooks to use according to your designs. You can find both tall and short shepherd hooks to use according to your designs. These are a must-add to your accessory collection to complete your jewelry design as planned 


Ear threads/Threaders


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These beautiful long ear threaders are perfect for the dangles as they appear in front and behind the lobe for a stunning illusion. 


What are Ear threaders?


These are long and thin metal chains called threads that can be pierced through the earlobe to hold the earrings in place. The metals can be either gold or silver. The ear threader earrings sometimes come in multiple strands that are held in place by threaders. 


What is the purpose of wearing ear threads?

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These ear threads come in various designs and styles. People usually prefer wearing these for an instant attention-grabbing effect. Another great advantage about these ear threads is that they are easy to adjust to any length. The silver threader earrings are usually long and swaying and act as a stylish adornment that can be styled with additional embellishments to look more attractive. Many people opt for these as they are super lightweight to wear. 


Leverback earring Hooks

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 What are Leverback Ear Hooks?

The lever back earring hooks come with a hinged back that can be secured behind the ear lobe. The lever can be opened or closed behind the ear when used with dangles. It features a curved piece of a metal latch to secure and hold the earrings in place. 


What is the purpose of Leverback Ear Wires?

These are mostly used with dangling or drop-down earrings. The hook of the earrings has to go through the pierced earlobe to secure with a lever-back. If you plan to create your own style statement, you can use these lever-back earring hooks and include additional embellishments with dangling earrings. 


Kidney Wire Jewelry Findings


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What are Kidney ear wires? 


These types of ear wire hooks are designed to be secured and shut completely to avoid fall out. The kidney ear wire got their name from their shape. Yes, they do look like a kidney, and they come with an inbuilt hook latch. TBH, ear wires take up a lot of abuse. 


Purpose of using kidney ear wires

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If you are afraid to use French-hook ear findings because of their ability to slip off easily, you can choose these kidney wire earrings. These kidney hook earrings are considered a great way to secure your handcrafted earring designs. 


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